Upcoming games I’m excited about. 

It’s that time of year again where people start saving their pennies for pre-order exclusives on games that are coming out this fall and winter. Since I happen to be one of these people saving up and ready for some of these games, here is a list of games that are coming out this fall and winter that I’m excited about.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins: 10/27/2017

I’m really excited about this game coming out. Mainly because they are finally in Egypt and it’s the birthplace of the Brotherhood! I mean, why wouldn’t I be excited about that?! An argument can be made about the supposed white washing of some of the historical figures featured in this game but I shall wait until I see more gameplay before making that heavy judgement.

Destiny 2: Available now

I know this is already out but it counts. If you haven’t played the first Destiny, Destiny 2 isn’t hard for a beginner to learn. I don’t own it yet but I’ve watched some members of the Squad Next Door and they have improved the tutorial. If you have played the first Destiny, get your Fireteam ready and get ish done!

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War: 10/10/2017

This is the direct sequel to “Shadow of Mordor”. This game continues the narrative from the previous game. The player continues the story of the ranger Talion and the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor, who shares Talion’s body, as they forge a new Ring of Power to amass an army to fight against Sauron (good ol Wiki). I enjoyed playing the first game and I know I will enjoy playing this one as well. It comes out in a week so I may not be getting it until next paycheck (because you know….adulting).

Star Wars: Battlefront 2: 11/17/2017

Now this….I’m hoping this will be a great game. I liked the first game but it kind of died out for me. But with this one, they say to have added battles and characters from across the 3 generations of Star Wars movies. They also include an original single player campaign which was something the first game needed. And I believe (hope) the story will be lore because it looks AMAZING.

Monster Hunter World: 12/26/2018

If you have ever played any of the Monster Hunter games, then you should be excited for this. An open world Monster Hunter? I literally get to stalk monsters and take them down? Sign me up yesterday. We have a while before it comes out but it looks amazing. If you pre-order, you get an Origin Set Armor, and the Fair Wind Charm Talisman which gives you some great starting offensive and defensive boosts.

Gundam Versus: 9/29/2017

I’m pretty sure if you guys have read my blog post in the past, then you know how excited I am about this game. I played the Open Beta a few weeks ago with a few members of the Squad Next Door. Mechs that span from almost the entire Gundam timeline in one game along with having 2v2 matches online or locally against your friends? I’ll be there whooping my friends behind with Sinjaku.

Dissidia NT: 12/30/2018

I haven’t played Dissidia in years, but when I did, it was lit. Just imagine your favorite Final Fantasy character in a semi open-world with beatem up fighting mechanics finally on your console and you give Final Fantasy hands to your friends. That’s right! You can give your friends Buster Sword hands on your PS4 or Xbox One!

Sims 4: 11/17/2017

There isn’t much I can say about the Sims other than that is is finally coming to console. Well at least Sims 4 is coming to console years after it’s PC release. Just like Sims 3, you will be able to create your fantasy family via your console instead of your PC.

Super Mario Odyssey: 10/27/2017

The logical next step in the Super Mario series. It comes out on the Switch and I’m not sure if I’ll have a Switch in time for it but it looks wonderful and I’m looking forward to seeing more gameplay from this. But if someone wants to contribute to me getting a Switch and this game, I promise to stream and share! Ha-ha.

That’s MY list of upcoming games that I’m excited for. I know this list can be so much larger. What about you? Drop some games in the comments and tell me what you are excited for! This weekend, the Squad Next Door will be streaming Gundam Versus. And next week we will be having a Tekken 7 tournament on PS4 but if you want to catch these hands, come on through! Until next time, Nerd Out!

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