Let’s Build! Tackling my first RG model.

Hello there Blerders and Nerders! Hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and mindful of others. I know things are kind of heavy these days but I hope you are out fighting the good fight and staying safe!

I should throw out this disclaimer now, all of my builds are straight builds, meaning that I do no painting, very little panel lining (if any) and no kit bashing. I’m sticking to straight building for now until I have the tools for doing my own customs but I’m working my way to that level.

This is my first time doing a review like this ( I will be doing more) so bear with me as I try to nail down a format for these. I hope you like it! Before I get too much further into this, let me hit you with the basics of Gunpla.

The Basics: 

What is Gunpla exactly? I did write a post on my love for Gunpla here where I explained at least what Gunpla is. So I will be going into a little more detail about the other basics. HG, MG, RG, and PG stand for High-grade, Master Grade, Real Grade and Perfect Grade.

  • High Grade is the most basic of the models and what I would recommend for a beginner and those trying to practice customizing their models (paint, kitbashing, etc).
  • Master Grade models have a little bit more detail but this sometimes depends on the kit. These tend to be bigger in size and have a bit more moving parts. The stickers are most realistic as well…meaning they do not look like stickers when you display them.
  • Real Grade kits can very in size but they are supposed to be more detailed as well like Master Grades. Real Grades tend to be a bit more pose-able than some other kits I’ve seen.
  • And Perfect Grades are bigger, VERY detailed and VERY expensive but they are so worth the money!

For the most part, I’ve only done High Grade models because they are more affordable for me but I have ventured into Master Grades as well. Real Grades on the other hand, I’ve just had but have been taking a long time to build one. Thanks to my significant other picking this one (she said it was cute lol), I picked my out my first one to try out.

The Build:

Core fighter/backpack

Starting this off, I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. Like I said before, I’m use to HG and very few MG models so RG seemed a little intimidating. First thing I noticed was the amount of details featured on the plastic parts on the runners.

Runners with plastic parts (Not my photo)

When I started building this kit, I wasn’t expecting this much detail. The fact that the Core Fighter (pictured above) needed to be built and it included a pilot figure that was seated inside kind of low-key blew my mind. This small piece could have been something you build after the main build for looks but this backpack had a purpose.

There were a lot of little pieces that looked more cosmetic than functional but turned out to be very functional (arm detail and movement, backpack extension, etc). To be honest, I expected this kit to be flimsy, not sturdy with unnecessary pieces but to my pleasant surprise everything worked well. I found myself getting excited piecing together each part of the Gundam, seeing how a piece fits and becomes funtional. One thing I would caution a builder about is the small pieces in this kit. There are plenty of small pieces that will trip you up but they contribute to overall base look of the model.


As you build this model, you quickly see how poseable it is. As well as feeling how sturdy and stable it is. I really find myself posing it like it was in an actual Mobile suit battle. If you look at the pics above, I did no panel lining but it looks a bit more detailed than some other kits without customizing.

Overall thoughts:

This was very fun kit to build. It’s not like some of the other RG kits that have the “bones” built (the skeleton if you will of a Gundam) but you kind of can’t tell. The base pieces are very strong and can take a little rough-housing. This would be beneficial especially if you are intending to customize this soon. Highly recommend this kit for advanced builders as well as beginners.

That’s it for this kit. Have you built this kit (or not)? What do you think? Let us in the comments! I purchased this kit at a store called “Gundam Kingdom” here in the Houston, TX area but I have seen kits to purchase and ship on Gundamplanet.com or Amazon.com . I hope you enjoyed my first Gunpla review. I hope to do more as I continue to build and hopefully start customizing! Take a look at our  affiliate links below! It would help us out, but until next time Nerd Out!






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