Blerd Travels!

Hello there people! I’ve been slowly getting back into my groove as I get used to my new job and work schedule. For my new job, I currently travel around 75% of the time so I spend most of my time in and out airports being half sleep. I haven’t been able to keep up with my writing like I want to but I’m getting there. Since starting this new job, I’ve been slow to develop and maintain a writing groove which is why my posts have been so….non-existent.

As I ended my last trip to Boston for work recently, I decided to write little blurbs about the places I travel to as well as the activities I do, if any. I am currently working on two posts that would feature Boston, Massachusetts and Tacoma, Washington…along with another long form Game review(or two) for the Well-Red Mage. And I have a few more posts I have to get together and put out. I can’t let @thatcartoonist have all the fun with posting.

This is a small post just to let you know what will be coming and also to let you know that I’m continuing to get better. Consistency has been an issue for me but that’s because I hadn’t managed my time correctly. I will get better, I promise. Until next time, Nerd Out.

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