Ritz Carlton: Downtown Dallas, TX

This was by far one of my favorite hotels I got to do with my last job. The food and beverage manager was a guy named Michael and he ran a tight ship. The accommodations are what you expect of a Ritz Carlton. Spacious rooms, lovely bathrooms and a guy that makes fresh guacamole and margaritas at 5 pm everyday (Yes its as good as it sounds). 24 hour gym with a beautiful pool. It also houses one of the absolute BEST restaurants in the Marriott brand of hotels. The name is Fearings and it is amazing. Very pricey so don’t expect to go there on a cheap date, your going to have to like this person to take them here.

Since we were working there for the week, the Manager treated us to a tasting (a gathering at which people sample, compare, and evaluate different wines, or other drinks or food). A usual tasting at a good restaurant will run you around $150. As you see in the featured photo, this tasting was great. The meat is a medium rare buffalo steak and it was the only steak I have ever eaten with that much red in it. I believe the dessert was tiramisu and I definitely don’t remember what the top two were but they were delicious. Oh, I forgot to mention; during a tasting, your food comes in courses (First course, second, etc). So we got a four course meal (tasting) and topped it off with a delicious dessert wine. It tasted like chocolate but the sommelier swore it was the way the grapes were fermented (I don’t know).

The location of this hotel is in downtown Dallas. It’s also across the street from a small shopping center which houses a Smashburger and Morton’s Steakhouse. So if you are feeling cheap while staying in expensive hotel, then by all means, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you ever end up in Dallas and have the money to spend on a nice and comfortable hotel with a wonderful restaurant within the hotel, then this Ritz Carlton is for you.

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