Coming back with the heat!

Coming back with the heat!

We’re back and going to be better than before!

Well hello there Blerders and Nerders! I know we’ve been gone for a while but we’re back and ready to bring more posts and content to everyone! I took some time off to switch to self-hosting and also to let my mind rest. I saw that I was trying to just put out content and not necessarily quality. So, I went back to the drawing board and started thinking about what I could do to be better. And we will be better.

[Imagine a screenshot of the homepage here]

As you can see, the site looks a little different. And it will continue to change as I continue to try find a template I like (I’m indecisive, sue me). But as I change the look of the page, the content won’t change. @ThatCartoonist and @SineaterDanyi have their own pages so you can look at the collection of their works and anything else they may have going on (whether it’s through noirnerdzone or anywhere else).

[Supposed to be a picture of their sections here]

Any posts they write on the will be stored on those two pages. Also any other content they have will show up there as well. There will be two more contributors coming to the blog as well to round out our blerdy family to five contributors (minus me of course) in all. We want to be more engaged with our readers so we will be utilizing our Twitter and Instagram page. To start, only three of us will be updating those pages so be sure to follow us and interact with us!

A cool thing about self-hosting is we will have a little more freedom to do more with our page when it comes to our readers. Meaning we can create polls, do giveaways, sell products, and just kind of do what we want to do to interact with you as readers more. I’m the current resident gamer (one of the new contributors is also a gamer as well) so I will be doing game days on Twitch where you can watch and join in (or help or criticize) the action. There are a lot of things I still plan on trying to do in the coming months but for now, we will start slowly as we try to building our content and readership.

I’m still new to the self-hosting thing so there will be some growing pains as we continue to get use to our new environment and roles. I’m happy that I have people like @ThatCartoonist and @SineaterDanyi to keep me honest and on top of things. So continue to bear with us as we continue to grow and become better!

Check out our Twitter and Instagram!

*I’m still getting used to things so excuse the lack of pics in this post!


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