Why Pokemon is sort of trash: An unpopular opinion.

Good afternoon Blerders and Nerders! I have been out of the loop lately but I’m finally catching my stride. Today I want to talk about something I’ve always thought but confirmed when I got older.

Pokemon kind of sucks.



Not the games…the anime. Especially the American version that I didn’t know had an anime version until [date redacted]. Seriously, you can’t tell me that the Pokemon show that we watched growing up was “Good”. Did it have memorable moments? Yes….10000x yes…but did it have a really have a plot besides “Gotta Catch em All” and being the very best? Put aside the nostalgia for a second. Really think about the story, characters and show progress and tell me if it’s actually complex. I’ll wait.



How about lessons? One of my favorite lessons I’ve gotten from Pokemon is always leave your strongest Pokemon behind or let them go. Over the last 20 years, Ash Ketchum has been getting his behind waxed region to region. Okay let me correct that…in SOME regions he’s gotten waxed. He isn’t a slouch in the least in the Pokemon training game but come on. Almost every new region he visited, he would give up all of his strongest Pokemon to start fresh, which I totally understand in some aspect. There is also the “keeping it fresh for TV” so I get it. But some times I just want him to think outside of Pokemon battles is all.

But….the story?

Nonexistent. There isn’t a stable linear plot point to really latch on to. Let me tell you what I have gathered from my 15+ years of watching Pokemon story wise: Ash is finally of age to have his own Pokemon and go on an adventure and be the very best…that no one ever was. He is accompanied by various companions while he collects Pokemon and challenge gym leaders to become a Pokemon master. Cue the dope evolutions, awesome gym Pokemon battles and of course, new Pokemon.


Maybe other anime ruined me after awhile and I started to really over-analyze this beloved children’s show, so I can’t put the total blame on Pokemon. Maybe I wanted the show to grow up as I grew up but that’s not how life works right? Let me not act like Pokemon doesn’t have its moments within it’s flimsy “story-line”. There has been some very heartbreaking moments that made me shed a few thug tears. But other than that, the story for each season is essentially the same. If it wasn’t for the popularity of the video games, I personally don’t believe Pokemon would of held up like it has.

Pokemon does not stand up against other meaningful anime. Will it go down in history? Most likely. Maybe I expected too much from Pokemon as I grew up…at least in the aspect anime as a whole. I was no longer impressed by new evolutions and the 1500 new Pokemon. Am I still going to play the games and catch them all? Yup and will not feel bad about it at all.

I’ll still take anyone on in Pokemon Crystal #Tryme

While the games are fun, in aspect of an anime…Pokemon is TRASH. I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes about this but we just have to accept this. I’m not bashing Pokemon overall but come on people…we can do better. Besides the nostalgia, do you really watch Pokemon for the story-line? The action? I know, it’s the Pokemon right? By definition, yes Pokemon is an anime. And like some anime, the manga for Pokemon is most likely a lot better story wise.

Like I said before, I wanted Pokemon to grow up with me. I wanted the main character to have some more character development. We can’t always have what we want but that was what I was used to. Some anime just aren’t good anime and Pokemon is one of those anime. What do you think? Do you watch Pokemon for the story or just to see what new Pokemon they include on the show? Let’s talk about it! Until next time, Nerd Out.


P.S: Digimon is better



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