Welcome to the NZ!

Welcome to the Noir Nerd Zone! My goal here is to highlight nerdom of all kinds. Anime, Video Games, Manga, Tech, and other Nerd Blogs.

This was a idea thought about around 3 years ago when I started writing again. I started a GroupMe chat with my Squad and named it Nerd Zone (it’s changed now). Coincidentally, I joined another GroupMe chat named The Nerd Zone and have been in that for almost 2 years now. Both are places where similar ideas and interests come together and pose interesting questions and awesome debates. They are also places of no judgement and positive reinforcement.

This blog will be a place where one can come and see familiar things while at the same time learning something new. We will highlight other nerd blogs and events to ensure people are informed about the many activities in nerdom. My contributors (Blerders) and I will constantly try to make sure we keep things interesting. Eventually we will expand and not be limited to the blog. Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog. Engage, learn something new and most of all…have fun! Be sure to check out the pages and categories that interest you!

Any questions or suggestions, please email us at noirnerdzone@gmail.com.