A quick hello and welcome back…

Good morning! Or afternoon, depending on where you are in the world. This will not be a long post at all but wanted to share with the few readers I have. I know I’ve been lacking in personal content but I promise to get back to it this week. I would like to thank @thatcartoonist for filling in and providing content in my absence on top of the stuff he does for his YouTube channel (here). I’ve been reading posts from a multitude of bloggers in my absence and I have concluded that I have been off my game majorly. So I intend to steadily improve my writing and content so I can reach more people. Only thing I ask of my readers is to be critical of me and let me know if there is something I can do to do/be better. And with that, I am going back to work! I will see you guys later this week! As always, Nerd Out!

9 thoughts on “A quick hello and welcome back…”

  1. It’s good to hear that you’re back. I hope you do well in your writing prowess and blogging acumen. I’ve been crazy busy trying to publish some books I’ve been working on.

      1. You’re welcome, good sir! It’s going to be a process. At least I sent copyright forms for 5 out of my 17 books so far. I don’t have them up yet, but I’ll definitely let you and everyone know when I do. My current fiction projects are at http://cmbbwrites.wordpress.com and on TaleHunt (it’s like Twitter, but with microfiction instead) @tocsinchronicle. Thanks!

        Plan on doing more reviews and opinion pieces? Doing any other forms of writing?

        1. Yeah I definitely plan on doing more reviews and opinion pieces along with promoting projects my friends are working on. My game reviews will have to wait because my gaming backlog is HUGE right now and I need to dwindle it down (drafting a post about that too lol). I want to get back to writing fiction like I use to in middle and high school but don’t think my skills are back at that level yet so I’ll have to wait.

          1. That’s great. I’ll be looking forward to them. I feel the same way about my movie and anime backlog as you do with video games. You should give fiction a try again. What stuff did you write about back then?

          2. I would write about my friends and I being secret operatives that went on missions and saved the world while trying to avoid gym class and math tests. I started writing one story similar to the series Everworld but I didn’t get too far

          3. Gotcha. I was just curious. It’s been fun writing stories of different lengths, experimenting with genres, incorporating re-contextualized elements of real world issues, and having diverse casts for most of my books so far.

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