Woman Crush Wednesday: Thunder

I know I know, I’ve already did a Woman Crush Wednesday for this character but it’s only appropriate to do her again since her father’s series is coming to the CW next weekend and her character has been cast. This week’s WCW is a daughter of hero royalty. You may have seen him briefly on some other animated shows such as Justice League and Static Shock. Thunder is his older daughter (he has two) and took up being a hero after finishing school. Her powers manifested at age 11 which disappointed Black Lightning. By the time he had Anissa, he had retired from being a super hero and wanted a normal life with his family. He took up the mantle again to help his neighborhood which is what drew Anissa to wanting to be a superheroine. Anissa was persistent and Black Thunder eventually caved with one stipulation. She had to finish school before starting a career as a heroine. So Anissa studied and graduated Pre-med. The very next day, she went out to be a hero named Thunder.


Anissa Pierce’s first appearance was in the comic “Outsiders vol. 3 #1” in 2003. The Outsiders was a super hero team she was recruited to by the former sidekick Arsenal. She stayed with them for years and eventually fell in love with her teammate Grace. Anissa and Batman have butted heads many times about her membership with the Outsiders. During The One Year Later comic event, Batman went missing and Anissa was concerned about the future of the Outsiders without a leader and she discussed her thoughts with Black Lightning. Shortly afterwards, Anissa received a message from the missing Batman and she informed the rest of the team. Batman asked them to feed a secret code in the cybernetic mind of the ReMAC, allowing him to track the Caped Crusader and the Black Glove and help him into his fight. As they complied, against Batgirl’s advice, the code revealed itself as a cybernetic booby-trap coming from Simon Hurt, the mastermind behind Batman’s downfall, and ReMAC explodes. Several Outsiders were wounded, and Anissa suffered from brain injuries severe enough to knock her into a coma (Dc.wikia). I’m not sure if she has woken up from this coma in recent comics but when I find out, I will definitely update this post.


On 1/4/2018, the first look at Thunder in her costume was revealed and I’m excited! It looks like they will keep her outfit accurate to her most recent outfit in the comics. I don’t know how old she will be when the series starts but it seems like it will be close to when she graduates college (or high school), I’m not sure. Are you excited for a new series to be added to the CW DC live action family? Will you be watching next week? Tell me about it in the comments. Until next time, Nerd Out!

Black Lightning premieres Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. (after The Flash) on The CW.

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