Woman Crush Wednesday: Shuri

In honor of the Black Panther movie trailer being recently released, today’s Woman Crush is Shuri. She also will be in the movie and was recently revealed to be smarter than Tony Stark (because….Wakanda). The Princess of Wakanda, Shuri is the sister of Black Panther(T’Challa), and an heiress to the throne of Wakanda. Shuri is the second biological child of Black Panther T’chaka and the only child of second wife Ramonda. From an early age Shuri has taken a keen interest in the mantle of the Black Panther despite being the youngest child  and not being expected to ever sit on the throne. As princess of the Warrior nation of Wakanda she was trained from birth in armed and unarmed combat.

Shuri didn’t debut in comics until 2005. This was at at time where Black Panther was picking back up publication wise (imo). In 2009, she eventually took on the mantle of Black Panther after T’Challa was mortally wounded by Doctor Doom. Ororo (Storm) was expected to take up the mantle but to everyone’s surprise, Shuri was chosen. A few more comic issues after this, Shuri eventually became the Queen of Wakanda while T’Challa was named King of the Dead. shuri-black-panther.jpg

There is a lot more about Shuri to talk about but it would take up a lot of word space (but she’s definitely worth it). Shuri is strong, intelligent, a leader, extremely beautiful and most of all, an African Queen. I highly suggest reading the Black Panther comics before going to see Black Panther in theaters in Feburary 2018. Until next time Nerders!

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