Woman Crush Wednesday: Rocket

This week’s WCW is Raquel Ervin aka Rocket. If you are familiar with the hero Icon, then you know his sidekick Rocket. Originally, Rocket was set in the Dakotaverse, more commonly known as the Milestone Universe (which the same verse as Static Shock). Raquel Ervin was born in Paris Island, the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhood in Dakota. She yearned to become a writer (“just like Toni Morrison”), but lacked the motivation. That is, until she met Augustus Freeman IV (Icon), a stranded alien with superhuman powers. She then convinced him to become a hero and she would become his sidekick.

She was also featured in the two seasons of Young Justice. She didn’t have a huge role but she started as a sidekick in season one and eventually joined the league in season two. She had a child and gave up being a hero for a while but eventually went back to it after the death of Darkseid. When the Milestone universe joined the main DC universe, it was made to seem like it was always apart of the main universe so her origin story didn’t change.

Rocket is this week’s WCW because of her resilience and sense of justice. She saw a need in her neighborhood and wanted to make a positive change so she filled it. Salute to Rocket!


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