Woman Crush Wednesday: Priscilla Kitaen

This week’s WCW is a little known character in the DC Universe. In fact, she was first introduced in the Wildstorm Universe before DC Comics purchased the rights to them. Priscilla didn’t start out with humble beginnings like many other heroes. And it’s the beginning of October so her name is only appropriate.

“Customer’s always right. My name… my real name… is Priscilla Kitaen. My mother’s dead. I never knew my father. Not real easy for a mixed-race kid like me to fit in anywhere. I ended up in New Orleans and found out I could make a lot more money doing this than waiting tables. Lots of men stationed at that military base come here to blow off steam, and they leave their paychecks behind. I’m more than happy to take what they’re offering. Satisfied?”- Voodoo

Priscilla was initially an exotic dancer (or stripper if you want it in layman’s terms) before being rescued by the Wild C.A.T.S from Daemonites (yeah I don’t know what they are either). Priscilla or Voodoo,which she started going by now, possessed a unique ability known as “The Sight”. This ability allowed her to perceive a being possessed by a Daemonite and exorcise it from it’s host body. That ability alone made her important to both sides of the war. Let me take some time out to say, I have not fully read any comics from the Wildstorm Universe so I am not fully versed in many of the intricacies of the characters and events. But I do want to know and learn more now.

After joining the Wild C.A.T.S, Voodoo developed more significant and powerful psychic abilities as well as animalistic powers. She also began a long term relationship with the group’s leader “Spartan”. One day, she was shot and went into a coma. It was during this time that it was discovered that she was descended from a Kherubim possessed by a Daemonite making her a Kherubim/Daemonite/Human Hybrid (I promise to learn more about this whole universe soon!)


I’ve only scratched the surface of this character. She is so much more than what I wrote. I can tell you that she becomes even more powerful along with showing leader characteristics. She is strong, supportive and someone that relates to people more than you think. That is why she is this week’s WCW.

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