Woman Crush Wednesday: Idie Okonkwo

Woman Crush Wednesday: Idie Okonkwo

Good afternoon! Welcome back to another WCW! This week’s WCW is a lesser known mutant but a powerful one nonetheless.




Idie Okonkwo was a fourteen year old girl living in Nigeria when her powers manifested, burning her village to the ground. After the village burned, her ice powers manifested, and people in her village called her a witch. As a result, her family and friends were all murdered, and when Storm and Hope arrive, she is trapped in a shed trying to hold off her attackers. After some convincing by Hope, she allows Hope to stabilize her powers, which she then uses to stop the assault on her.


Idie Okonkwo is one of five mutants whose powers manifested post M-Day. She is known as the Third Light, as she was the third new mutant sought out by Hope, along with the help of Storm. (Source). While with the Lights, Idie worked closely with many of the original X-men. Wolverine eventually took a liking to her and they developed a bond. She suffered a traumatic event when a Mutant History Museum opening was attacked by the new Hellfire club. She sought advice from Cyclops who in turn tells her “do what she thinks is necessary” (this was during Cyclops asshole phase). Wolverine protested but Oya didn’t listen. She ended up essentially ends up murdering the attackers and accepts herself as a “monster”.


Oya shows no remorse for what she has done, telling Wolverine that once she accepted being a monster, being a murderer is not so bad. Together, Wolverine and Cyclops decide that the best place for Oya would be away from Utopia and at Westchester Academy. Hope initially refuses, saying she belongs with her, but after talking to Transonic realizes she did not take good care of Oya. She reluctantly lets Oya go. As they arrive at the Academy, Oya asks Wolverine if it is her fault the X-Men broke up, and Wolverine replies no, she led them home. (Source) 

Oya (Idie) is essentially a new mutant but an interesting one. Also, she came before Todoroki from MHA but she’s pretty much the woman version of him but much much stronger. She is a complex character with plenty of depth but not enough exposure. She’s more of a supporting character, extremely powerful but a background character nonetheless which is another reason for her being highlighted this week. Do you think Oya would win in a fight against Todoroki? Yeah I’m mixing genres and I don’t care. Maybe someone can make some fanart of the two! (Hint hint artists) Let me know what you think of this week’s WCW in the comments! I promise to continue to provide weekly content! So I’ll see you soon, and until next time…Nerd Out!

P.S: Shout out to Meg the Stallion for cosplaying Todoroki for on the cover of Paper!




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