Woman Crush Wednesday: Crimson Avenger

It’s been a long while. I’ve had a bit of writers block that I’m still kind of working through but I’m back for WCW! This week’s WCW is a (minor) Spirit of Vengeance and no not the Marvel version.

Jill Carlyle is an African-American woman who possesses the powers of teleportation and intangibility. She studied law and became a lawyer. After she lost a case in which the defendant was clearly guilty, she obtained a pair of Colt pistols originally owned by the first Crimson Avenger and uses them to exact vengeance upon the unknown criminal. These guns are cursed such that, if the possessor uses them out of revenge, he or she will be cursed to track and kill those who have taken innocent life (which she was now cursed to do). Another part of the curse is that she forever has a bleeding bullet hole in her chest. That’s never explained, at least not from my research so my guess is that it is an interesting costume plus? Anyway, whenever she gains a new assignment, she mentally relives the death of the victim and is instantly teleported to their place of burial.



Jill is also a member of the Justice Society of America where she joined after the Ultra-Humanite used the Thunderbolt to take over the world. She was tasked with avenging the death of Lee Travis who was killed because of an explosion caused by the Ultra-Humanite. The thing about Jill is she doesn’t pull her punches for anyone, villain or hero. She’s here to fulfill a contract and if your in her way, then you catch these hands too (as the youngins say these days). So Jill is this week’s WCW for her resilience, resolve and drive for justice, even though its because of a curse.

Be on the look out for more posts coming soon. I know I’ve been slacking but I’m working through this writers block so you guys will be getting more very soon. As always, Nerd Out!

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