Woman Crush Wednesday: Captain Marvel/Spectrum

Woman Crush Wednesday: Captain Marvel/Spectrum

“Monica Rambeau was a lieutenant in the New Orleans police force. While trying to prevent the creation of a dangerous weapon, Rambeau is exposed to extra-dimensional energy and as a result she can transmute her body to energy and back again at will. She was originally given the name of Captain Marvel by the media. After her initial appearance, Rambeau began experimenting with her powers. Early in her career, she met Spider-Man, who was kind enough to introduce her to the Avengers for additional training. As Captain Marvel, she joined and served in the Avengers” (Marvel Wiki)

Monica is the only African American to be named Captain Marvel in Marvel comic history. She made her comic debut in 1982 in Amazing Spiderman Annual #16.


 During most of her time as an Avenger, she went by Captain Marvel. She changed her name to Photon out of respect for the original Captain Marvel’s (Mar’vell) son, Genis-Vell. After Genis-Vell obtained new powers, he changed his name to Photon (petty punk a**) which prompted Monica to talk to him and change her name to what she is known as now, Spectrum.

So lets celebrate one of the first black women (black person) to lead a team of Avengers and to be called Captain Marvel. She is one of the strongest black woman superheroes in the Marvel world (Ask Luke Cage and Blade). Until next time, Nerd out!



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