Woman Crush Wednesday: Black Panther still lit.

Have I calmed down from the second Black Panther trailer being released this week? No, no I haven’t. Am I going to calm down? Nope, not until after February 2018 so deal with it. And in honor of that fact, today’s WCW is the Dora Milaje. Yes, the whole group of them so deal with that too. So let’s do this.


“The Dora Milaje (pronounced “dora-meh-LAH-shay”)are the personal bodyguards of the Black Panther, recruited from every tribe of Wakanda. In addition with their protective function, they are also a pool of superior Wakandan women. An ancient tribal tradition, the Dora Milaje were assembled as potential queens for an unmarried king, maintaining the peace in Wakanda by ensuring that every tribe has the opportunity to put forward one of their daughters for the crown. Dora Milaje traditionally speak only in the Hausa dialect, and only to the king or each other. The practice of employing Dora Milaje was discontinued until recent years.”-(http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Dora_Milaje_(Earth-616)

The Dora Milaje are basically a group of bad ass black women capable of protecting the king of Wakanda along with beating down some of the baddest villains (Doom, Namor). The induction into the Dora Milaje stopped being about each tribe of Wakanda putting forward their strongest women to potentially become the king’s wife when T’Challa became king. T’Challa was fine being single for the time being (he was in love with Storm) but wanted the Dora Milaje reinstated to give Wakanda a source of stability.

Remember in Civil War when Black Widow walked up on T’Challa and was approached by a bald African goddess? That was a member of the Dora Milaje in all of her badassery. Black Widow had been apart of a team that saved the world TWICE and she was looked at like she was a gnat and I loved it. Florence-Kasumba1

In recent comics (or at least the ones I’ve read), the Dora Milaje are now under the command of Queen Shuri, Black Panther’s sister. T’Challa did something some completely stupid and lost the respect of the Dora Milaje (idiot). They are center stage if you had ever read the recent “Black Panther #1“. Recent as in the last few years. I’ve always believed that the Dora Milaje were an underrated group of women in comics. They are strong, intelligent, loyal, and would wreck your favorite hero for looking at them wrong. And the fact that they are so prominently displayed in the upcoming Black Panther movie makes me more than happy. We get one of the richest superheroes in comic book and movie history along with THE strongest group of women in comic book history as well. Let’s appreciate this group of women for what they are….Amazing. Be sure to check out the Black Panther movie hitting theaters February 16th, 2018. Until next time, Nerd out!

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