Twenties: Focus Hattie, Focus

Hey, ya’ll! I’m back for another review of Lena Waithe’s newest show Twenties. Last night we saw episode three and I think I’m going to really love this show.

Somewhat secure in her new job as a writer’s room PA, Hattie now searches for a peaceful place to focus on her writing. She tries the park, but between posting photos on her Instagram claiming she’s working and the kids kicking soccer balls her way she soon packs it up. She also tries the library but after an uneasy encounter with the creepy man sitting next to her, she packs it up from there too. Finally, she manages to get a seat at the coffee shop where she gets the daily writer’s room coffee but just as she’s getting into her work, thanks to the waitress who seems to really like her, Ida B sends Hattie sprinting off on another errand. She just can’t win.

Meanwhile, Marie struggles to fight for a promotion at her job that she knows she deserves but probably won’t get. She’s been pit against the only other black person in the office and the person just so happens to be a man, so it’s more than likely he’s the one going to get the promotion. It frustrates and weighs on Marie more than she lets on but she’s unable to talk about it with her boyfriend. Who is constantly giving out the smallest of hints that he isn’t happy with what they have, yet he won’t say it out loud. More frustration and more problems that Marie feels she has to fix on her own.

Then we have Nia, who is growing closer to Tristan every day but he’s forcing her to come to terms with the fact she isn’t happy with her life. Once a child actor, Nia now longs to return to that world but she isn’t sure if it could work out. The uncertainty of being an actress keeps her from chasing after her dreams. Tristan however, fully believes that she should walk down this path. Especially since she seems to feel like she was meant for it. He sets the seed of support in her mind that she’s been waiting for.

What I really like most about Twenties is how relatable it is. Not just because I’m actively trying to work in the entertainment industry, but because I’m a twenty-something-year-old who is trying to be an adult. Each of the girls is at a different place in their lives but they’re all still in their twenties and still trying to find the balance between being a teenager and the adulthood we’re all suddenly thrust into. The frustration Hattie feels, the pressure that stays on Marie’s neck and the uncertainty that Nia is letting consume her are all things that I experience almost daily. And at times, it can make me feel quite isolated. It’s nice to be able to turn on a show that has characters experiencing real life things that people in their twenties (especially black people) are going through.

I’m constantly impressed by the attention to detail in this show. While the main focus right now is how these women fair in their professional lives, there are also little things that given the right kind of set up feel just as important. Nearly everything that Ida B says to Hattie, comes back around in some way. It’s always a full circle with her, even when the things she says are mean. It feels like, with this show, there are no minor details. Everything that happens, or is said is important to the bigger picture. And that’s really exciting to me.

Twenties has all the ingredients to become the perfect show. It’s filled with a wide range of talented Black people, it’s giving amazing LGBT representation and it also manages to have near-perfect comedic timing. I may love its sister show Boomerang but Twenties is the show that has me laughing out loud every episode. I can’t wait to see all the issues, situations and topics it’s going to bring to light.

Twenties airs on BET every Wednesday at 10pm


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