Top 5 Manga

Re:MonsterThis is a new manga that I happen to stumble across a little over a year and a half ago. Re:Monster is a fantasy manga that takes the main character from the real would to a game like world in the first chapter. While this new setting is game like there are dangers that the main character hasto watch out for.

Demon King (King of hell Manwha)

This manga I’ve been reading going on about 2 years and the way this manga starts out is interesting. The main character Mejah while he was once a living mortal is now an envoy to hell and a twist to his story his memories are a little altered, but it isn’t in a bad way it’s to stop him from doing something that can change him. Find out and learn Mejah’s story.

I have been reading this manga for 2 1/2 years now and this is one of my favorite characters that wields a blade. Guts story is raw, gritty, sad, and painful, but somehow he is always able to make it to the next step whether he is allow wandering from place to place by himself or with a group of people.
Samurai Deeper Kyo

This manga has a perminant spot on my list because it took me a while to read this and not due to it being bad no no no this was a great manga of how two people who competed for the strongest in the world have to share one thing, but find out what that one thing is and see how far the person who lost has to go and will go to get back what it is that was lost.
Gun x Clover

This manga dispite it’s cover art is a manga that takes place in a high school and almost all of them are mercenaries, but what most of the students don’t know is that there’s one of the strongest mercenary there is playing like a weakling. He is one of the strongest, but do not let his child like face fool you he’s a demon well known to a few people who know something about the past he comes from.

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