Throwback Thursday: Never bet against the King of Games

“Games are not boring. Games purify our souls and leave room for new development that challenges the mind! They are the products of human wisdom!” -Seto Kaiba

During the time where Pokemon and Digimon dominated our TV screens on early Saturday mornings, Yu Gi Oh was a welcomed change. It was different, it was fresh and it made you want to play the card game. Yu-Gi-Oh kept WB or whatever the kids cartoon channel was, alive for longer than it needed to. When some shows ended or were cancelled, good ol Yugi persevered.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the later Yu-Gi-Oh series even though they carried the name for years. I’m talking about the triple O.G Yu-Gi-Oh with Yugi Mutou and Joey Wheeler. You can’t say you didn’t watch this show at least 3 times and want to challenge your friends to a game of Duel Monsters. Yes, I played the card game and I still have my holographic Blue Eyes White Dragon in a hard card case. If you don’t know what Yu-Gi-Oh was/is, here is a short synopsis. Yugi Mutou was a smart young gamer and was always picked on. One day he solved an ancient puzzle known as the Millennium Puzzle which caused his body to play host to the spirit of a nameless Pharaoh, later revealed as Yami. Yugi ends up beating the current Duel Monsters champion, Seto Kaiba, which keeps Yugi solely in Kaiba’s crosshairs. The rest of the show follows Yugi and his friends as they discover more about this mysterious puzzle and personality that resides in Yugi along with battling the forces of evil.


As with most cartoon shows, there is an worldly struggle. I watched the original series again last year and realized that the bad guys were idiots. You really wanted to take over the world through a card game? A card game!? Not Uno…or Poker….or even a real man’s game, Spades. Nah, they chose a card game with dragons and magicians. I get it, I would play that too (I did) but not to take over the world. But I digress. After the success of the initial animation, Yu-Gi-Oh went on to spawn many spin-offs and multiple handheld and console games (I’m playing Duel Links right now). You’ve most likely seen memes of someone throwing a trap card and it being completely inappropriate. You have a kids show to thank for that. So let us appreciate this cartoon classic and be merry.  Any other tidbits about this series you want to add? Post them in the comments below and I’ll update as soon as I can! Download Duel Links (459-410-304)  and get these Duel Monsters hands if you not scared. Until next time….nerd out!



One thought on “Throwback Thursday: Never bet against the King of Games”

  1. Not going to lie, I did watch this show a bit when I was younger. When I was a teenager, I discovered the infamous Season 0 where I was shocked that the original anime wasn’t about cards and Yami Yugi straight up killed people with his powers with “punishment games”. I do agree that taking over the world through card games is quite stupid. Hahaha! My tastes did change where I saw different anime series as I grew older.

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