The US seen from 30,000 ft.

In January 2015, I started my first travel job as an implementation specialist (don’t worry about not knowing what that is) for Oracle. Essentially I traveled to different hotels, stadiums, casinos and restaurants to help install Point of Sale workstations and assist with the training of employees and managers. While on this job, I was in a different state every week 90% of the time. It was a great experience being able to fly and travel (on the company’s dime) and meet new people and explore new states. I really meant to start this blog as I was traveling but my forgetful self didn’t do so. Since I am starting it now, I will be reaching back through my notes and restaurant experiences to share with you all. I haven’t gone out of the country more than twice so I can’t give you any tips for traveling internationally (I know someone else for that), but traveling nationally is something I can assist with. Over time I will post different sites and/or blogs to help facilitate travel questions and inquiries.

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