The Mandolorian: Chapter 1 Review

Well Disney has decided to come for the rest of my money and started streaming Disney+ as of 5:30am EST, November 12th. While getting nostalgia-drunk watching A Goofy Movie and The Ariostocats, I made sure to check out “The Mandolorian”. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest fan of Star Wars but I’m damn close. I mean I do call myself a Grey Jedi but that’s another conversation for another day. I waited a few days for this to make sure people actually had a chance to sit and watch. I know Disney+ has a lot of content and this is a show we can’t binge just yet.

I don’t believe there has ever been a live-action Star Wars series, none I can think of. There have been great animated series but not a live-action to my memory so my expectations for this was mixed. I want this to be good because I like Star Wars but wouldn’t be surprised nor mad if it wasn’t good. So I will give you my first impressions while attempting to get through my points without spoilage!


I would think it’s hard to not mess up a Star Wars costume/settings/etc but I could be wrong. The first thing I noticed was aesthetic of the Star Wars movies with none of the details missed. The sounds, the background character designs, and the ever so subtle nods to characters from the original trilogy. The first scene reminded me of the Cantina scene from “Star Wars: A New Hope”, just without Kenobi and Luke but was full of bounty hunters. There wasn’t much to learn about our title character aside from the fact that he was a bounty hunter that had found his prey.

For those of us that have seen Star Wars movies, everything about The Mandolorian character should be familiar somewhat. Mainly because reminds you of Boba Fett while all the while not being Boba Fett. But he is just as cold and deadly.



Another thing I liked was the pacing. Since this was the first episode, it didn’t move too fast on story/plot wise but not slow enough for me to lose interest. The show transitions like you were watching one of the movies which is something that is nice and familiar. Every scene (to me) has some sort of value and I love it. The first few scenes there is action that transitions into more serious scenes but nothing is lost between the two.

Developing story:

tenor (1).gif
I really like these odds



This is a Star Wars show so we know its going to have story with twists and turns. I enjoy learning about Star Wars lore and this first episode shows a lot of it. We know that our main character is a Mandolorian but we don’t know his name. The setting seems to be post-Empire which would make it before or during the current run of Star Wars films. We also get a glimpse of the main characters past and very little about the Mandolorians. If you’ve watched some of the animated Star Wars series, then you would know more than the average person about the Mandolorians and their fate.

Overall opinion:

For a first episode in the first live-action Star Wars, I was satisfied. There was a sense of familiarity along with excitement for a new Star Wars story to be put to screen. The surprise alien at the end of the episode really raises some questions about a past character which I want answered. I look forward to watching what unfolds in this series. I really want this to be great.

Overall, I give Chapter 1 of “The Mandolorian” a 7/10. Not bad for a first attempt at a live action Star Wars series. There are missteps but that’s to be expected. What do you guys think? Have you have you given it a look? Let us know what you think in the comments! “The Mandolorian” is now streaming on Disney+. If you have a Verizon unlimited plan, you can get Disney+ for free for a year! Until next time, Nerd Out!

*Note: Still working out the kinks on episode reviews so bear with me. I’ll gladly take constructive criticism!