The Mandolorian: Chapter 7 Review

Hello Blerders and Nerders! Today was a surprise since we were not expecting an episode today. Then again, it does make sense because #RiseofSkywalker comes out on Friday. But still, way to give us an early gift Disney. And on the day of Impeachmas! So lets get into this week’s episode.

Friend turned foe, turned friend again?

This episode starts with Mando watching a transmission from Greef (believe it was the one that was trying to come through last episode). In this transmission, Greef essentially pleads for Mando to come back and assist him in getting rid of the Client that hired Mando in the first place. Since Mando left with the Child, more ex-Imperial soldiers have showed up and put a hindrance on the Guild’s work, at least that is what Greef says. With that shady info, Mando heads to a familiar planet.

We’re getting a crew together; Baby Yoda shouldn’t be left alone.

I know it’s a trap. Mando knows its a trap. Mickey Mouse probably knows it’s a trap. Mando flies to Sorgan to seek help from Cara Dune. Of course we see Cara whooping someone else’s ass like she did Mando. After winning her fight, Mando asks if she would join him on this apparent trap. At first she declines but accepts when he tells her it’s against a former Imperial (she was a rebel shock trooper after all). While flying to the planet he met Kuill, Mando leaves Baby Yoda by himself and….almost killed everyone on the ship so that’s a no-no to do again. Mando is able to recruit Kuill and the rebuilt IG-11 (which Mando is apprehensive about) and has a plan…somewhat. After landing on the planet where our story started, it’s clear to see that this is somehow a set up. [Leaving things out for a reason]

Let’s get real Western

After a few events, Greef, Mando and Cara make their way to The Client with Mando in cuffs (part of the plan Mando has). Slowly things start to go off plan and things totally go off the reservation when The Client gets a call from Moff Gideon, played by Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad).

Moff is introduced in amazing fashion. Like seriously, a super gangsta intro. During his call with The Client, he questions if Baby Yoda was sleep and proceeds to have his soldiers shoot up the place including killing The Client. Mando and the crew are pinned down by a contingent of  Imperial Troopers (maybe the beginning of The Order?). Mando radios to Kuill to get to the ship and leave the planet with the Child. Two Stormtroopers chase after him on speeders and seemingly catches up with him.

Overall opinion: 9/10

This just may be the best episode of the season. I left some parts out because I really want you guys to watch it. It was masterfully done. The reintroduction of characters was great, along with the apparent bond between Mando and Baby Yoda. Seeing Cara and Kuill again was refreshing…even seeing IG-11 was cool. As I said earlier, Moff’s intro was masterfully executed. I’m not sure who he is pertaining to the overall story (or maybe I missed something) but his presence was immediately felt. The cliffhanger this episode ended on was….my goodness. It left so many questions and because we have to wait a little longer for the next episode, I’m going to rack my brain as to what happened.

What did you think? Did you enjoy this week’s early episode? Let us know in the comments! Until next time people, Nerd Out!

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