The Mandolorian: Chapter 6 Review

Good early morning Blerders and Nerders! I know I’m late with another one but yesterday was extremely busy for work and leisure. Mainly work though. Did get a chance to go to my favorite book store to get some manga and the “Book of Sith”. Enough about my day, let’s get into today’s episode of “The Mandolorian”

Mando has Friends?

We begin this episode with Mando landing on what seems to be a space station which seems to be owned by a friend (of sorts) of his, Ran(Mark Boone). Mando has landed here for a job involving a 5-man team and he’s the 5th, along with his ship, The Razor Crest. As Ran gives him the run down of the mission, he introduces Mando to the man who is running point on it, Mayfeld (Bill Burr) who almost immediately doesn’t like Mando. Mainly because Mando insults him but its Mando so what’s to like? He is also reunited with an ex-lover(?), a Twi’lek named Xi’an(Natalia Tena) and joined by a Devaron named Burg (Clancy Brown) as well as a droid, Zero (which Mando hates) voiced by Richard Ayoade. That makes up this rag tag group of…whatever the hell they are for this prisoner breakout job. 

                              Look at me like Billy looks at Mando

An Easy Job…possibly

                               “After this, we’re getting smoothies!”

A Smash and Grab job. Sneak onto prison ship with only droids operating it and break out one prisoner? Easy, peasy right? Well this is the Mandolorian so that is a no. Our rag tag crew gets on the ship and heads to the control room. Burg decides to shoot the little mouse droid and the alarms go off. Mando “runs away” which prompts Burg and Mayfeld to question his skills…until Mando shows up behind the security droids and begin to work them over. It’s a really nice piece of action that we haven’t really seen in a while. The team makes it to the control room where they find one living person when there shouldn’t have been one at all. An argument ensues where they are trying to decide to kill him or not, until he pulls out a tracking device from the New Republic. Xi’an ends up throwing a knife, killing the guard but not before he presses the button. This shorten’s their time to find the prisoner and escape. 

This just got interesting

20 minutes to get the prisoner and leave. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Well it wouldn’t be because this turns out to be revenge job. The prisoner turns out to be another old friend of Mando’s….Qin. Qin is the brother(sister?) to Xi’an and it’s Mando’s fault they are there. After re-introductions are made, Mando’s old friends decide to betray him and toss him in the prison cell. Bad move by them. Mando escapes and makes it back to the control room to separate the people that just betrayed him. While he’s actively blocking them from escaping on his ship, Burg finds him the control room (after Mando tries to strangle him). They fight and Mando forces the doors shut on his head, smashing him. Making it a little further, he runs into Xi’an who throws her signature knives at Mando, hitting a few times, knocking him down. Mando does Mando things and gets behind her with a knife. Mayfeld tries to get a jump on Mando but ends up getting jumped by Mando instead. Mando makes quick work of Mayfeld before making a deal with Qin back on his ship. 

Overall Opinion- 8/10

Compared to the last few episodes, this one had more action and the introduction of new characters was refreshing. We learn a little bit about Mando’s past and who he associated with. Basically seemed like a crew that would of ran with Han and Chewie at some point (maybe he did?). The revenge twist was a welcome change after the last few episodes were easy to predict. We got a little glimpse of the New Republic, well just their fighters but we do confirm that this takes place after the fall of the Empire. The little twist at the end of the episode was interesting. The crew that betrayed him, Mando DIDN’T kill (except Zero cuz droids are hated). This comes after Mando was trying to save the guard’s life earlier. What’s surprising is the change from Episode 1 where he killed people just because. Is it because of Baby Yoda? Or maybe because he’s not an actual Mandolorian?

What did you guys think of this episode? Have some thoughts about the series so far? Let us know in the comments! Until next time, Nerd Out!

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