The Mandolorian: Chapter 4 Review

Welcome back Blerders and Nerders! Are you full? How was Thanksgiving? Enjoyed Black Friday? Or are you resting, eating leftovers and watching shows like I am? However you spent your last few days, I hope you were able to catch up on this week’s “The Mandolorian” chapter. Be for-warned, Spoilers are ahead! This weeks chapter starts with a group of happy farmers getting attacked by bandits. They take their harvest, trash the village and they dip. We see one of the farmers, Omera, hide in the water with her daughter as the bandits run away. Continuing his escape, Mando finds a backwater planet where he and Baby Yoda can lay low for a few months. He lands his ship and goes to an outside Cantina where he sees a soldier of sorts.  

Mando gets rocked. Mando sits down to get his bearings and feeds Baby Yoda. He notices a soldier who we come to find out is an ex Shock Trooper for the Rebellion. He goes to look for her when she comes out of nowhere and literally rocks his shit. You would think the merc from a clan of fighters would fare better but naw, she damn near beats the shit out of him and is only stopped because Baby Yoda is standing there drinking some soup.    

“Are ya’ll done or are ya’ll finished?”

Farmer got some game. After the ass beating and getting to know the ex soldier, Cara Dune, Mando heads back to his ship to leave (because apparently two people in hiding can’t be on the same planet?) Two farmers approach him to ask for help to deal with the bandits. After saying no multiple times, Mando finally says yes and goes to Cara for assistance. He actually asked her so he could help her get some stable lodging as she hides out. In the village, Mando and Baby Yoda stay with Omera and her daughter. Omera asks questions about Mando and his helmet and is shocked to learn that be hasn’t taken his helmet off in front of anyone since he was a child. You can literally feel the tension (you know what kind of tension I’m talking about) between the two. While Mando and Cara teach the villagers how to fight back against the raiders, we learn that Omera has some experience with guns and combat which makes me think that she isn’t from the village originally.  

The Guild is full of shit. So the day is won and the village goes back to it’s fun having ways with Cara and Mando taking some time to relax. Cara asks why doesn’t Mando just stay there and settle down with the widow that apparently wants him. He doesn’t give a reply but mentions that Baby Yoda should stay so he can have a normal life instead of on the run with him. As he’s fully deciding this and telling Omera this, Cara shoots and kills a bounty hunter that we thought was coming for Mando but in actuality, he was hunting Baby Yoda (the bastards).  

Overall opinion: 8.5/10 Another great episode of “The Mandolorian”. We get a little taste of what goes through Mando’s thoughts and feelings towards Baby Yoda. He acts as a father to Baby Yoda when though we all know thats not what he is. We also learn that he wasn’t born a Mandolorian but taken in and raised by them. This makes him a bit more interesting because we know nothing of his family besides the fact that they were killed (maybe during the Great Purge?). The show seems to get better and better after each episode and I look forward to learning more about the main character and the supporting cast.

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