The Mandolorian: Chapter 3 review

Hello Blerders and Nerders! I hope everyone had a great weekend and ready for Thanksgiving this week! I’m a little bit later with this post so I apologize! So far, the Mandolorian has been nothing short of amazing and I have been enjoying every minute of it. In between episodes, I’ve been catching up on the Star Wars animated series, the Clone Wars and Rebels (both series I highly recommend).

Somebody pay this man!


One of the first things that happens in this episode is Mando delivering his bounty. As he makes his way back to do this, we see that Mando has some sort of attachment to Baby Yoda. There is a cute moment where Baby Yoda takes the top off of a gear while Mando is flying to his destination. I couldn’t find a good gif but here’s a pic of the loveable green bugger.

Baby Yoda gets what he wants

While this was a very cute moment, ultimately Mando wants to get paid. After the benefactor pays Mando, he heads to The Armorer  with the beskar for an upgrade in armor. We see other Mandolorians come out of hiding and call Mando “Imperial Scum” because he works bounties for who they consider to be Imperial Scum. Mando gets into a slight scuffle with one of them but The Armorer quells it after a short speech, sparking another phrase I will be using interchangeably with “I have Spoken” which is “This is the way”.

Baby Yoda changes lives

Baby Yoda has an effect on Mando (not just us), and it shows even before he delivers his bounty. Even when he delivers the baby, he asks what will be done with it which is forbidden by the Guild. Greef Karga reiterates this when Mando asks about it again and even dry-threatens him about not doing anything rash. At that moment, I knew that Mando would do something out of character (at least in the aspect of this show). And what do you know…he did something rash and stole baby Yoda back but didn’t kill the skinny scientist who seemingly wanted to keep Baby Yoda safe.

A real smooth squad pull up

I really wish I was able to find a screen shot of this or at least a gif but the climax of this episode was really at the end. After Mando took the baby back, Greef and the other bounty hunters stand in Mando’s way of leaving the planet with Baby Yoda. So they legit pulled up on Mando and he gave them a fight but it would be shortlived…on their part. The other Mandolorians came to the relative rescue of Mando and Baby Yoda. The way they just pulled up on the scene blasting was a thing to behold. As Mando made his escape, one Mandolorian said my new favorite phrase “This is the way” as he continued to protect Mando’s escape.

Overall opinion: 8/10

“The Mandolorian” continues to improve as a show. I wish the episodes were longer, but I will chalk it up to this being the first live-action Star Wars show. The show continues to add to the overall Star Wars lore and makes me ask questions about past and future characters. This episode was pretty straightforward and predictable but it doesn’t take away from the overall decency of the episode. It does make me want to continue to watch and learn more about the Mandolorian and the setting as an a whole.

Are you all caught up? What didn’t you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments! “The Mandolorian” streams every Friday on Disney+. Until next time people, Nerd out!

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