The Mandolorian: Chapter 2 Review

Hello Blerders! How has everyone been enjoying Disney+? Me? I’ve been binging “Gargoyles” and “The Clone Wars” simply because I absolutely can. I’m actually pretty glad that “The Mandolorian” is being released one episode at a time because allows me to binge other series while waiting for the next one.

Chapter 2 of “The Mandolorian” came out Friday and I didn’t know it until it randomly popped up as I was switching to Darkwing Duck (judge me not). I sat and watched it twice to make sure I missed nothing. There is another reason I watched this episode a second time after finishing the first watch, but you’ll see why soon. Let’s get into it!

Starts out kind of slow:

Compared to the first chapter, this one started kind of slow. I know I know, it’s only the second episode. But with the action from the first episode, you would think they would keep that same energy. The “action” picked up later in the episode (which included the coolest baby alien ever) so it wasn’t a total slow down. I also have to remember that this is the second episode of a first time live-action Star Wars series.

Is it Yoda?


Okay I know this isn’t “baby Yoda” but he looks like it. Same alien race as Yoda and we have never seen another of his race in all of the Star Wars media. While I enjoy calling him “baby Yoda”, I’ve seen articles describing this series timeline. Apparently this series takes place after “Return of the Jedi” but before “The Force Awakens” so it will be interesting what characters/situations we will see throughout this series and how it all ties in. But until then, this is “Baby Yoda” and you cannot tell me different!

Jawas really are some punks

*Warning: Will contain spoilers of the episode*

Bunch of punks have gathered.

The Jawas are some complete assholes. No doubt about it in the least. This is the situation that unfolds: Mando and Baby Yoda make it back to the ship and notice that Jawas are actively stripping the ship so Mando takes some shots. A few hit but it’s not enough to stop them collectively, so he chases them to get his stuff and does not succeed.


So he goes to Kuiil to reluctantly bargain with the Jawas. When he asks them to give him his stuff back, these little bums LAUGH IN THE BOUNTY HUNTERS FACE! And then tells him (after asking for things he needs) to go get “The Egg” which is in a cave…with a monster because…that makes sense. Mando starts to get his ass kicked but thanks some mysterious “power” from Baby Yoda, Mando is able to defeat the monster and get the egg. He brings the egg back to the Jawas and….THEY CRACK THE EGG! TO EAT IT! Just bare handed and everyone takes part. And then they let Mando take his ship parts and he is able to leave the planet with Baby Yoda.

Overall opinion: 7/10- A lot slower than the first episode but overall a good second episode. We were able to see a little bit more of The Mandolorian in action. And we get a lot of Baby Yoda action so we can’t be too mad. This episode again brings up more questions about Baby Yoda after his show of “Force”. I really want to know what’s so special about him and if we will see more of Yoda’s race. What did you guys think of this episode? Let us know in the comments! Until next time, Nerd Out!

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