The Future Is The New Reality

Not necessarily a current event, but opinions and thoughts from an episode of a show that I watched recently called “Black Mirror” could be considered very current in regards to the subject matter, and to modern reality in a near distant future.


Briefly summarizing, the episode titled “Hated in The Nation” revolved around “Autonomous Drone Insects” (ADIs) which are mechanical replacements for bees used to counteract a sudden colony collapse disorder in the bee population. Hundreds of thousands of ADIs exist and are well known to the public for pollinating flowers as normal bees would, but the hidden secret is that they are secretly being used by the Government to spy on the public for nationwide surveillance, including facial recognition. Ultimately, a hacker compromises and gains access to the entire ADI system and uses malicious intent to coordinate a mass attack using the micro drones, killing hundreds of thousands of people.




I found this episode to be incredibly fascinating because it resonates with the direction technology is heading currently around the world, with surveillance and spying over citizens becoming more commonplace across many nations. This also brings up the argument of moral implications regarding privacy vs. security, and how in the modern technological era one cannot really have both.




“Black Mirror” is a show streaming on Netflix and I would highly recommend for people to check it out as it’s often compared to being a modern technological version of “The Twilight Zone”, and offers tales that explore the relationship between humans and technology. Every episode provides very analytical, thought provoking themes that will make you question and think about how technology affects our everyday lives.

As always, nerd out!

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