Tephlon Funk!- Finally!!

Tephlon Funk!- Finally!!

If you haven’t read one of my previous posts about the lack of PoC in anime, this is (hopefully) going to help increase that. It’s coming people. Finally, a black centered anime (dare I say, Blackime?). This started out as an online comic book a few years back. It’s beautifully drawn and features primarily black and biracial characters. Now I only started reading it a few weeks ago so forgive me for not having a full synopsis ready. But the few pages I did read showed a solid cast of characters along with an interesting story-line developing. The hip hop inspired comic released an anime teaser which makes this seems like the lovechild of “Cowboy Bebop” and “Samurai Champloo”. I really hope that this becomes reality and finally puts PoC in anime form that isn’t the usual stereotypical black tropes. When I read more of the comics, I’ll have a better understanding of the story. Below is the teaser so enjoy and Nerd out!



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  1. This sounds great. I’m biracial myself, so I think it would be amazing seeing a hero or two that looks like me. I’m very big into diversity in stories and I like the Deggan’s Test when it’s passed in the right ways.

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