Story Time: 4 of the divine in 24 hours time. Pt 3

Final part of this story.

After Red left, it was around 6:30 and I’m sitting on my couch wondering if this day has all been a dream. I feel I have to reiterate that NONE of these women and encounters were planned. I was not thinking about having sex or doing anything sexual with ANY of these women, they either planned it or it just happened.

Anyway, the next two hours I started to clean my kitchen and dining room area (my romp with Red broke my favorite blender). I turned on a movie, popped some popcorn and ended up falling asleep on my loveseat. 2 hours later, I was woken up by pounding on my apartment door. I thought it was the cops doing a criminal check (recent break-ins) so I jumped up and answered the door promptly. It wasn’t the cops, it was a fine Sigma Gamma Rho woman whom I had recently met in my apartment complex. Lets call her Locs. I asked what was going on and just said she needed a jump because her car stalled out in front of my balcony and asked if I could help. I could tell she was in a hurry so I put on some shoes and got my jumper cables. We got the car started finally and she thanked me repeatedly.

Locs: Are you doing anything later?

Me: Besides washing up and gaming, not really.

Locs: So you will be free around 9ish?

Me: Sure, I don’t see why not. I still have to make dinner

Locs: Can I come by and ask you something?

Me: Um yeah. Or you could ask me now. I know your in a rush

Locs: No, I’ll just come back through.

She left quickly after thanking me again for the jump. I walked back inside my apartment and decided to not cook dinner and instead prep for tomorrows Sunday dinner. Fast forward to 9:15 and there was a knock on my door. I answered the door, knowing it was Locs and ushered her in. She quickly got comfortable on my couch and motioned for me to come sit next to her.

Me: What did you want to ask?

Locs: I don’t want you to take this the wrong way.

Me: I most likely won’t so please just ask me

Locs: Well…

Before anything else came out of her mouth, she jumped on me, taking her shirt off and trying to get mine off. I was surprised but I was in no way going to stop her. She started kissing me while she got her sweats off. After she got them off, she paused and looked at me. Then she pushed me on my back and proceeded to use my face as a seat. Again, I wasn’t going to stop her. After she climaxed from the face riding, she asked if I had a condom (of course I did) and if I could get it. I went to my room to get it and she followed me in. She helped me put the condom on and proceeded to mount me. She seemed determined to have her way with me, and I obliged her want. After we finished (round 1), she finally asked her question:

Locs: How did I taste?

Me: Is that what you wanted to ask me? (joking)

Locs: Yeah. But couldn’t ask you until after. Can we do this again?

Me: As long as you don’t have a boyfriend, sure.

Locs: I don’t. But your going to be my buddy for awhile. Is that okay?

Me: Yes…yes it is.

Sigma Gamma Rho: Check Check BOOM!

And with that, I had sex with an AKA, a Zeta, a Delta and a Sigma Gamma Rho in the span of a day. None of which was planned but I wasn’t going to complain at all. Locs and I went for another round and she left around 11:30, vowing to see me later. I washed up and was done for the night (literally). I turned off all my lights and went into my room to lay down and watch Adult Swim. Half way through Robot Chicken, I heard a knock at my door. I thought it was Locs forgetting something so I hurried to the door. It wasn’t Locs. It was PB (first post). She had left her bra for a reason. 🙂

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