Story Time: 4 of the divine in 24 hours time. Pt 2

Continuing from Pt.1:

After leaving from helping Bliss move into her apartment, I headed home to basically recover from 3 sexual encounters in the past 4 hours with two women. It was around 1:30-2:00 by now and I was famished. I had already planned on making lunch at home and playing COD for the rest of the day. Now I really just wanted to digest what happened the past few hours and figure out the rest of my day. I get home, cook a light lunch and plop myself on my living room couch. I turned on my PS3 and noticed that PB had left her bra. I text her to let her know but received no reply. I shrugged it off and powered up COD. After an hour or 2, I get a call from one of my favorite Deltas (Lets call her Red, because why not). I forgot I promised to make her two Oreo pies for a volunteer event she was apart of later. I apologized and told her that I would get on it immediately and the pies would be done in an hour and a half. She then asked if she could come over so she can grab the pies when they were done, I said sure. But then she text something extra I wasn’t expecting.

Red: Do I have to wear a bra?

Me: What? No. Wait, you didn’t mean to send that to me.

Red: Yes I did. Do you have guests?

Me: No, it’s just me.

Red: Good so no bra right?

Me: Whatever you want, it’s your bra. (Obviously I was unaware to what she was implying)

Red: Great, see you in 10.

I was confused with the last exchange but proceeded to start making the pies. She knocked on the door 15 minutes later. I let her in but not before noticing that she was clearly dressed to fuck. A scantily worn shirt with no bra and a cut off shorts. I gave her a hug and showed her to the kitchen. “They’ll be done in about 45 minutes”  I said to her as I walked back toward my couch to continue playing COD. We started to have a nice conversation about classes and plans after college. I started to really get into COD (oblivious of course) when she stood up and took off her shirt. She walked in front of me and my character immediately died. I looked up at her perfectly shaped breasts and asked “What are you doing”

Red: You know what I’m doing

Me: (hands now on her breasts) Yeah I do, but why? Not that I’m opposed to it.

Red: Why not? Your single right?

Me: Yeah but we’ve never talked about anything like this and I assumed you had a man.

Red: I did, we broke up 3 days ago. Besides, I’ve heard about you.

Me: Wait, 1. I’m a rebound. and 2. I’ve never slept with any of your sisters so I don’t know what you know.

Red: Either way, I’ve been wanting to find out about you.

She clearly planned this beforehand. I’m not sure whether she planned it before she broke up with her boyfriend or after but I didn’t care. I was rested and full of energy and was not about to turn bomb sex from a Delta. Up until this point, Bliss (last post) had given me the best head I’ve ever had in my life. Red was making case for #1 right now. She didn’t get to the #1 spot but dammit she was close. We had to stop to make sure I didn’t burn the reason (well second) she came over. I took the pies out of the oven and she decided to continue sucking me in the kitchen. Then she stood up and backed it up for 99s and 00s. My goodness. After she finished basically having her way with my dick, she packed up the pies and told me to text her in a few hours so we could talk.

Delta: CHECK Dammit


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