Story Time: 4 of the divine in 24 hours time. Pt 1

A few months after a major break-up, I was in a downward spiral emotionally. But I was in college, I was single and at the time, I was looking to be distracted. None of what happened on this day was planned in the least. It literally just happened and I went along with it.

I got up extremely early on this particular Saturday. Not because I wanted to, but because I haven’t been sleeping well the last few weeks. I text my friend, lets call her PB, to finish a discussion we were having previously (she was having guy problems). I invited her over for breakfast mainly because I was in the process of cooking too much food and rather than throw it away, I wanted to share it. She came over wearing basically night clothes, which I didn’t find strange because I randomly invited her for breakfast. We sat, we ate and we spoke. Normal right? As she started complaining about her problem, she placed her hands on my arm and chest. She placed her head on my chest and looked up at me and said “I’ve always wonder how well you kiss”. I looked at her and simply said “I’ll help you find out”. It was 9:10am and I was heavy tonguing a woman I’ve liked since freshman year. That turned into some wonderful morning sex. This was the start of my Sorority filled Saturday.

AKA: Check.

After PB had left, I received a call from another friend needing help moving. She was Zeta I met from Greensboro and I haven’t seen her in a few weeks so I accepted. I showered up and made sure to get the smell of the woman I just had sex with off of my body. She was moving to Winston so I didn’t really have a long drive. Lets call the Zeta, Bliss. Me and Bliss never spoke on if we were attracted to each other or anything sexual. She was just cool peoples (because she was an anime nerd) and as long as I’ve known her, she’s had a boyfriend so that automatically strikes me from being attracted to her. She was very attractive but off limits. I got to her new apartment, and started helping her unload boxes and whatnot. After about an hour in, we stopped unpacking and rested on her couch that happened to be in the kitchen and living room. We started talking about what anime we were watching at the time. She stood up and started to take her shirt off (we were moving big items) so I turned away out of respect. She came closer to me and said “No, I want you to see ALL of this” as she proceeded to get on top of me. And no, I wasn’t thinking about her having a boyfriend. She sat on it so she was going to get this dick today. And I called her Bliss because dammit that’s how it felt at this time of day. She was GRADE A. After the sex, I then asked her about her boyfriend.

Bliss: “I’ve been single for 4 weeks now”

Me: “You should of led with that.”

B: “Why? You were getting this regardless. I know you’ve been dealing with your own breakup”

Me: “So this was pity sex? That makes me feel better”

B: “No, this was planned and long wanting sex. The next time is the same reason”

Me: “Next time?”

At this point, the best head I’ve ever gotten was from my ex. Bliss put her to shame. I legit had to stop her from sucking so I can recover some of the energy she was taking from me. After the second round of amazing head and sex, we finished unpacking her apartment. She then gave me a kiss and told me to call her tomorrow (I did, and the next few weeks as well).

Zeta: Checkity Check.

Pt.2 in following post.

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