Starter Anime: Tenchi Muyo

Hello Blerders and Nerders!

I’m trying something new for a while. Well, it’ll help me consistently write again and keep everyone entertained. A few months ago, I wrote a two part post about anime that anime beginners should watch starting out. Anime is broad and reaches wide so I suggested some anime that would wet their palate so to speak. But recently, my brother reminded me that he still wants to get into more anime. He watches what me and some of our gaming squad tells him. We do this because we know him well enough and have seen enough anime to recommend something he can watch for enjoyment as well as safe for his kids randomly see. So we recommended certain anime a few weeks at a time and he would watch and ask questions, which we were glad to answer.

So what does that have to do with this post?

E’rrthang. (Sorry, really wanted to spelled what I heard in my head)


I decided to turn that subject into a series of posts to help others get into anime. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend that looks at you weird when you watch or mention anime? Do you wish they would understand why you enjoy watching anime? Then this series is for you. Now, this is not to support you forcing anime upon someone. Anime shouldn’t be forced on anyone. Before this post, I wrote a two part post with a list of my top 10 anime for starters. You can find those posts here and here.

These posts won’t be SUPER long but will be long enough for newbies to understand and make a decision to start and stick to it. I will also post where you can watch/stream these shows if they are available. So here we go!

Tenchi Universe


For my anime veterans, do you remember watching this during the original Toonami block? This was my first viewing of the “Harem anime” genre. Not THAT kind of harem but you can kind of say it’s similar. Essentially, a harem in terms of anime means that the protagonist (usually male but there are female in this role as well) is in a situation where his or her counterparts are of the opposite sex and they usually have some kind of romantic interest with the main character. And more than likely the protagonist hasn’t the slightest idea about this attraction.

Tenchi Universe is about a young 17 year old boy named Tenchi is thrust in the middle of a galactic situation that originally had nothing to do with him. One by one, alien women come to Earth and disturb his life as a normal human. What do you expect to happen when your stuck in the house with a notorious space pirate, two space cops, two princesses and a mad scientist that has a taste for creating dimensional experiments that threaten all of existence? You do chores, that’s what you do.

Why it’s a good starter:

  • Tenchi has a simple enough story to follow but enough side plots to keep things from going stagnant.
  • The characters are very well developed along with the fact that are interesting to watch.
  • It has all the various elements of your usual anime without being too much. This way you get kind of exposed to the many things that may go on in anime while not having to watch a lot of anime (for now).
  • It’s actually pretty interesting for both men and women so this could make a good couples anime watch.
  • It’s a one season anime so it’s an easy binge as well as easy to watch once a week.

Why it may not be a good starter:

  • Starting out with a harem anime may not be the move for most newbies. They tend to be overly sexual at times and most times it’s unneeded.
  • Since there are slight sub plots, one could miss them if not really paying attention. And since it would be a first, the attention may not be there yet.
  • Depending on how you watching it, there may not be a dub (English) version available. Most newbies don’t want to read on their first anime.

Now remember, this is a suggestion. My goal here is to help you help someone else. Don’t think this would be a good one for your friend, significant other or whoever to watch first? No worries. Come back later and I will have another recommendation for you to check out. If you do watch this particular suggestions, let me know what you think! That goes for any of the suggestions. Tenchi Universe can be watched on Hulu and Crunchyroll. The Crunchyroll version will most likely be subbed (Japanese audio, English subtitles) but the Hulu one may have subbed and dubbed. Let us know what you think! Until next time, Nerd out!


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