Squad Goals: Top 5 anime squads/groups

Let me start off by saying this is MY top 5. My top 5 will definitely be different than yours but bear with me. Now that pleasantries are out of the way, let’s talk about squad! I know we have all watched anime that have some of the best group of friends/fighters. These are the people that made you want to be apart of their group and save the world with them.

5. Ash, Brock, and Misty (OG Pokemon)


You have to admit, these 3 were squad goals in the 90s. Everyone was looking for the Brock/Misty to their Ash.  You had not one but TWO gym leaders traveling along side you. So you’re just soaking in knowledge and training tips. But as we all know, Ash is trash but Brock and Misty were always good. They never left their friends side even though Ash was a complete butt-munch sometimes and that’s real. Misty was secretly in love with Ash and Brock was complete perv but they were loyal to the end and never gave up on their friend so they get a spot on my list.

4. Mugen, Jin, and Fuu (Samurai Champloo)


All three of these characters were different. They didn’t really compliment each other skill wise and their personalities clashed. But those things is what made their friendship so great. They filled the void one of the other’s had (that….sounded bad, but you know what I meant) and went on the be a great team and friends. We all know that Fuu was the glue that held them together though.

3. Simon, Kamina, and Yoko (Gurren Lagen)


Gurren Lagen is really about the strength of your friends believing in your full potential. Simon and Kamina were “soul brothers” according to Kamina and he genuinely wanted Simon to see and reach his full potential. Yoko came along and she had the same sentiment about Simon. But they all pushed each other to be better no matter what. Even in death, Kamina was what pushed Simon through his final character transformation and help Yoko get out of the Spiral’s illusion. #RealFriends

2. Straw Hat Pirates (One Piece)


This is pretty self explanatory. The Straw Hat Pirates are really #SquadGoals. Luffy literally fought each member of his crew because of how much he treasured their friendship. He went up against a Navy Base to free Robin who gave herself up so they could go free. Luffy didn’t care, she was his friend and crew-member so there was no other way. When Usopp hated Luffy and tried his hand at potentially killing him, Luffy did nothing. Luffy knew that man was his friend and was going to wait until Usopp saw the same. When Sanji gave himself up so the crew wouldn’t be involved with Big Mama, Luffy rode a half dead mammoth to go get this man. Sanji lit Luffy up, literally and Luffy persisted. If you not down for your friends like Luffy is then are you really friends? (I don’t expect my friends to learn haki and save my life but you know what I mean)

1. Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara (Yu Yu Hakasho)babd6a8deeed05269023c8700c651874.gif

These four are walking legends. We can throw Genki in here occasionally. They may not be friendship goals exactly but this is the squad you want when it’s you against the world. There isn’t anyone messing with these 4. Okay, maybe Kuwabara but you have to wait until he stops crying and then he’ll eventually give some work. Other than that, they are easily #SquadGoals. Think about it, no one was going to try and mess with you or any of your homies. Why? Because they would get their face smashed in and then watch as you and the homies go off to stop demons from taking over the world.

I hope some of you have reevaluated your friendships (not really). I know there are plenty of other squads that can compete with these…and I want you to put those in the comments. My list is full of classic anime (for the most part) so I’m neglecting some of the newer ones but it’s my list haha. Name some squads that you think will top my list and as always, Nerd Out!


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