Short Season Anime: Rokka: Braves of The Six Flowers

I enjoy randomly finding anime on Hulu or Crunchyroll. I do it because I’m usually being indecisive when it comes to watching current anime or other shows. Or I decide to watch an anime I’ve seen 5000 times and need a break from that particular show.

This happens more often than not unfortunately :-/.

Anyway, I was browsing Crunchyroll one random afternoon and came across this interesting looking anime. Like a true little kid, the poster is what drew me in. The characters looked cool and I wanted to know more about them. So I committed to watching at least TWO episodes before continuing or giving up on it. Medium story short, I enjoyed the first two episodes of this anime so I ended up binging this short anime series.


This short series is based on the light novel series (manga), “Rokka no Yuusha” which itself is a short series. The anime centers around 6 warriors that are chosen by the Goddess of Fate to defeat a Demon God that would destroy the world. One man in particular, Adlet Mayer, self-proclaimed “World’s strongest Man” travels to the continent of Pienna to become one of the Braves. Some things didn’t go as planned but ultimately, he is chosen as one of the six. So Adlet and the Princess (who is also a Brave) travel to a small temple to meet up with the rest of the Braves to ready themselves to battle the Demon God. But instead of 6 warriors, there are 7 gathered…so someone doesn’t belong. We spend the 12 episodes attempting to find out who the extra is and what their motive is. It’s pretty fun watching an animated “Whodunnit” with characters that have special abilities and distinct personalities.

Gotta love smooth animation.

While the anime is wonderfully animated and the characters are mildly interesting, the amount of episodes don’t seem to fit the story being told. I know the manga has more to offer but the anime seems to focus more on the in-fighting (which is important) than the actual major plot. The manga has enough material to go for at least 5 total seasons but it could be because of a studio issue.

My face when there was no season 2

Overall Rokka is a great anime to watch if you enjoy quality animation and want something short to watch while deciding on a new long anime series to watch. The characters are cool to look at but also makes you wonder about learning more about them (knowing there will not be another season). You could always read the manga though! What do you think? Are you down to watch this 1 season anime? Or have you seen this anime? Let me know in the comments! I also want to thank you for bearing with me while I get back into my blog writing groove! Until next time people, Nerd out!





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