Shameless Plugs: Podcasts to get hip to.

It’s a new year so that means new things to try right? I’m sure you’ve made that age old New Year’s resolution to go to the gym and eat better to get ready for the summer right? Since it’s a new year, let’s continue trying new things. I will be highlighting podcasts from interesting people I either know personally or have listened to for a long while. First up is a personal favorite of mine.

The Bacchanal


Podcast descriptionKC and Akil are The Bacchanal. Embark on two Trinidadian Canadian’s journey exploring games, movies, comics, and all round foolishness from the American perspective and Canadian perspective. Join KC and Akil as they discuss this week’s geeky news and all around foolishness. Open your ears and tighten your cheeks you’re in for a hilarious and informative ride.

I’ve been listening to this podcast since their first few recordings. Akil is a graduate of Winston Salem State University (my alma mater) and a fellow nerd friend of mine. I don’t know too much about KC but dude is hilarious and well informed. They bring a fresh take on today’s hot topics along with their own spin of commentary on numerous nerd things. It’s like listening to friends talk about things you were going to talk about anyway but realer (this made sense in my head). They record episodes every week and I’m hoping to hop on as a guest one of these days (self promotion!).

I implore you to take a few listens to various episodes and ultimately hit the follow button on their various platforms. I don’t think you will be disappointed! Click the links below to find them on Soundcloud, The Play Store and itunes. And follow them on instagram. Until next time Nerds….Nerd out!



Google Play


*Note: This podcast isn’t for kids so expect explicit language.



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