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Shameless Plug: Walker Budgeting $ervices – The Noir NerdZone

Shameless Plug: Walker Budgeting $ervices

Shameless Plug: Walker Budgeting $ervices

Have you thought about starting a budget but you think you can’t? Do you spend a little more than you want to and want to cut down on it? Reach out to Thelonious Walker of Walker Budgeting. This company is located in Greensboro, NC but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be helped. He offers over the phone consultations to accommodate others in other states. I’ve had a consultation with him and he has given me great advice which has helped me start saving more than before without sacrificing my bill obligations.

The first consultation is free and will help figure out what you want, need and what he can do to help. Give him and chance and start saving that money for a Con or a trip out of the country!

“The mission of Walker Budgeting Services is to provide financial planning tools and resources to help individuals improve their financial awareness and management skills.”



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