One Punch Man Season 2: Episode 1 review

It’s April 9th and One Punch Man is back! It’s been a long while since we last saw the heroes Saitama and Genos. And I know I missed WCW today but don’t worry, I’ll be back with them next week! Unfortunately this will not be a spoiler-free review so if you don’t want to know what happens in this first episode, look away now.



Just to be creepy 🙂

Okay let’s get into it! This episode starts with Saitama and Genos doing a little shopping when they are interrupted when a small time criminal (that turned himself into a lizard?) prepares to attack civilians. But he is stopped by the presence of S-rank hero King.

S-Rank #7 Hero: King

King was out shopping (for a video game) when this incident happened but we see him muttering “Not again. I don’t want to be a hero anymore”. Why would a S-rank hero not want to be a hero anymore? Looking at his stature and presence, King seems to be strong and confident.


it’s a lie ya’ll.

King out here faking this hero life.

A more powerful monster shows up and tells King that he his there to fight him. Putting on a great acting job, King tells the monster he has to use the bathroom or he won’t be at his full power (because this makes sense). King goes into a bathroom stall. This apparently has been his whole hero career. King explains…well to himself while hiding in a bathroom, that monsters just show up near him and someone else ends up defeating him while he gets credit. That’s how King’s legend grew. Essentially he was the wrong person in the right place and took credit for things. He quickly dips out to go play video games in his apartment while Genos takes on the robot monster.


Genos showing off for Saitama

*Meanwhile…at heroes headquarters*

An representative from the Hero Association along with 3 A-class heroes (with S-class fighting ability), address a crowd of potential and hopeful heroes. We see Speed o’ Sound Sonic among these potential heroes but we know he’s not there to be one. He is looking for Saitama and now that he has more information on him, he leaves the meeting to go search for him. There are other things that are said here but I will leave that up to you guys to watch and see.

Cutting back to King’s apartment where him and Saitama have a heart to heart about King’s weakness and inability to fight. It’s a heartfelt scene because you really kind of feel for the guy. Then you find out how he got his scar on his face and who helped him which brings things a bit full circle. Saitama is also having this conversation while holding a giant bird at bay which had burst through the windows of King’s apartment.

I don’t want to give up too much of the episode but I may have done that anyway because of my short ramblings. Mind you, this is my first episode review so I haven’t really developed a format yet but I’ll get there.

Now as many of you know, the studio that first produced One Punch Man is not the same studio that is producing it now to which many have complained. The main issue with people is the animation quality and how different it is compared to season 1. I don’t see where there is a huge drop-off in animation. The writing seems to be the same as well so maybe people are complaining just to complain?

Yes you can see some changes but they aren’t that bad.

Overall, this first episode of the new season was satisfying. Did I expect it to be this anime-world changing episode? Nope. Was it disappointing? Not at all. One Punch Man is still the big fight scene, nonchalant main character and over dramatic anime we all know and love. There are two little subplots that we see start to develop in the middle and end of the episode so pay attention. That’s its for this week’s review and I’ll see you guys for next week’s episode! One Punch Man season 2 is currently streaming on Hulu so be sure to check them out weekly! Since it premiered on a Tuesday, I’m assuming that it will be coming out every Tuesday but we shall see. Until next time….Nerd Out!





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