New Gundam Build Series!

Has your life been devoid of Gunpla? Have you spent days dreaming and mentally building your own custom Gundam model? Okay maybe you haven’t been necessarily yearning for a new Gundam build series but here is one anyway.

Gundam Build Divers will be released this coming Spring and I can’t be more excited for it. Maybe I’m a fanboy and love almost anything Gundam (except Gundam Seed: Destiny. You won’t get me to love that). Last week, a prologue was released from the upcoming anime.

Not much has been released about the story for this anime but we can assume that it is set in the same universe as the first two series, just at a different time. Watch the OVA below and let me know what you think. Until next time, Nerd out!









7 thoughts on “New Gundam Build Series!”

        1. Deathsythe Hell Custom is my absolute favorite Gundam. I recently built a HG version. Gonna upgrade to MG soon. Zeta is one of my favorite in the UC universe. 08th MS team is another

          1. I was wondering which version, but I’m pretty sure anyone who’s seen Gundam Wing that liked Deathscythe would like Hell Custom from Endless Waltz. You gotta love the scene where it briefly gets dark and the eyes glow before Duo slices up some robots. Hahaha!

            I agree with Zeta being one of the best if not the best series in the UC timeline. I don’t think I saw 08th MS Team, but I heard some good things about it.

          2. 08th MS Team is kind of in between the one year war and Zeta timeline wise. Or it could be between Zeta and Double Zeta, I have to check on that. I’m doing a Spotlight on UC in a few weeks so I’ll probably explain more there.

          3. Yeah, I know it’s sometime close to the events of Zeta, but my memory is fuzzy about that. I do want to check out some of the other UC stuff like Victory Gundam or re-watching F91 which I saw years ago.

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