Nerd News Blast: Neo Yokio

By now, I hope you all have seen the trailer for this new anime coming to Netflix this month. If not, I put the trailer at the end of this post so go watch it!

From watching the trailer at least three times, Neo Yokio looks like a traditional almost nonsensical anime show. Privileged protagonist, futuristic city, powers, “the city depends on you” over tone, and of course over exaggerated characters. Yup, seems like a watch for me. What makes this anime even more interesting are the voices behind some of the main characters. Jude Law, Deus and Mero (hearing their voices cracked me up) and more notably, Jaden Smith.  DI-dH3LVoAArO_6.jpg

You thought Jaden’s monologues in “The Get Down” were interesting? Wait until you hear his one liners in the trailer. It makes me feel as if I’m listening to Bran from “Game of Thrones” talking about….well anything after he became the Three eyed Raven. I really think that Jaden got most of his lines from his own Twitter account, seriously. From what I’ve read about this upcoming show, it is supposed to a satirical view into anime but I see it as an original take on the whole genre. I always enjoy seeing melanated main characters in cartoon form, especially if it is anime. I’m super excited to watch this show when it comes out (Netflix, September 22nd) and see what kind of anime this turns out to be.  Neo Yokio is being made with Production IG and Studio Deen which is absolutely awesome because Production IG is one of the best anime studios that brought us anime like “End of Evangelion”, “Blood: The Last Vampire” and (my personal favorite “Ghost in the Shell”. The season will be 6 episodes so it will be really easy to binge. Check out the trailer below! And as always….Nerd Out!


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  1. My sister of all people told me about this show. I was also surprised that Ezra Koenig, the lead singer/guitarist from Vampire Weekend of all things was one of the main creators for the story.

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