Middletown, KY: The Recbar

6/26/2016: Middletown, KY is not a city you just up and decide to visit because you want to go do something exciting in your life. Luckily, you fly into Louisville, KY and there is plenty of fun to be had there. I didn’t get to do much there but I did make sure to map my surroundings to plan for future trips. Flying into Louisville was great though. The airport isn’t too big where you would get lost but small enough to feel like the gate agents care about you (don’t worry, they don’t). What do you do when you go to Louisville? You go to the Louisville Slugger Museum because, why not? If your not a baseball fan or an avid sunflower seed eater like me, this is not a place you want to go visit. But if your bored and want something to do for the day, then the museum is the place to go. It has plenty of history of the Louisville Slugger and a gift shop that allows you to order your own branded Louisville Slugger (Yeah I ordered one). Aside from the museum, there wasn’t much for me to do there (I was there for work after all), so I decided to look for a bar before heading to my hotel for the week.

I’m not sure if any of you have heard of an arcade bar where there are (just like it sounds) a bar and variety of arcade games. Sometimes they give out quarters to play games (especially if your buying food and drinks) and sometimes you have to bring your own quarters. Either way, it’s a great time to be had. This particular bar name was Rec Bar. The atmosphere is what you expect of a bar filled with video games. The beer was decent (I didn’t try a flight like I wanted to) and the food was actually pretty good. I tried the loaded fries along with their standard burger, which were both really good. I came in at a really good time where I met the owner of the bar who’s name escapes me but he was really a down to earth kind of guy. He welcomed me like I was a regular and even gave me a handful of quarters to play some of the games. Mind you, I’m the only black face here and I’m in Kentucky so I was already nervous. But he made sure I was welcomed and I felt extremely comfortable. They had a good variety of arcade games along with two tvs in the back that had two retro games hooked up so you could play Star Fox and X-men on the Super Nintendo and Sega.

Middletown itself is an extremely small town and basically a suburb of Louisville (20 minutes away) but does have decent shopping. If you can’t find what your looking for in town, there are bigger towns around where you can get what you need. The best thing I pulled from Middletown is that the people are extremely kind and caring. So if you ever end up in this small town, don’t fret, the people will treat you nicely and most likely feed you.  If you are ever in the Louisville, Kentucky area and you have some time, stop by Rec Bar. I’ll post the website so you can take a look. Safe travels!









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