Megaman X Collection announced!

Megaman X Collection announced!

Get your blasters ready! The Megaman X Collection 1 and 2 have been announced for PC, PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch! Finally! I’ve been waiting on either a new Megaman X game or something like this. Not to knock the original “Megaman” series but I’ve always enjoyed the X series a lot more than “Megaman”. I have played and beat all of the Megaman X games, including “Command Mission” (which isn’t included). But guess who will be wielding the Z saber yet again? Me. And I will do it on my PS4 pro and big screen TV because why the hell not?

The collections will be separate of course with Megaman X1 to X4 in collection 1 and X5 to X8 in collection 2. Included in the collections will be a new challenge mode where you will be fighting TWO bosses. Flame Mammoth AND Magma Dragoon at the same time? Yes please. Also included will be the short movie “Day of Sigma” which essentially shows the origin of the villain Sigma. The collections will be bursting on the scene July 24th this year! For more information, check out this link or this link!  Are you excited? Now if they could give us another Megaman X game….welp, until next time…Nerd out!

This is how I roll.

P.S: Check out the trailer below!


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