Into The Spiderverse Soundtrack Review

Not only was 2018 the year of fantastic movies it was also the year of fantastic soundtracks. At the beginning of the year, we got the fantastic Kendrick Lamar led Black Panther soundtrack, Ava DuVernay charmed Sade into giving us new music with A Wrinkle In Time and most recently, Creed 2 not only produced a solid movie but a solid soundtrack as well. Now, we’re ending the year with yet another amazing soundtrack. This time from the newest Spider-Man movie: Into The Spiderverse.

I’m not the biggest fan of Spidey, but I am a huge fan of movie soundtracks. I love when creators care enough to the point that they’d like for music separate from the score to go with their movie. And while Spidey isn’t one of my top superheroes, I can’t even deny that with there being so many version of him it’s hard not to find one that’s at least a little appealing. Miles Morales, the latest and quite frank better version, is very appealing and so is his soundtrack.

It starts with a truly bop song by Blackway & Black Caviar titled “What’s Up Danger”. Spidey is always in some type of danger, to the point where it pretty much doesn’t phase him anymore. This song is a perfect way to cooly describe how Miles might feel about his life always being in danger but how exciting it really is to be kept on your toes all the time. Another favorite of mine is “Way Up’ by the ever eccentric Jaden Smith, a futuristic sounding track that one could easily picture Miles listening to as he swinging through the city. They’re not all fast-tracked bops though, Beau Young Prince’s slowed down “Let Go” provides the chance to think about all the responsibility and hard times Spidey has to deal with. Swinging from building to building and saving everyone isn’t fun and games all the time.

The soundtrack ends in a high place with Vince Staples’s bass pounding “Home”, a track that talks about the desire and the need to be able to come home. Into the Spiderverse is all about getting each version of Spidey back to the dimension they come from, but Miles especially needs to get back home because that’s where his heart is. It’s a perfect way to end a nearly perfect soundtrack. My only complaint being that XXXTENTACION is featured on a song and I don’t like listening to music from abusers. Other than that, I’d want to give this album a perfect score.

I really like the Into The Spiderverse soundtrack because it’s almost an embodiment of the music Miles would listen to. It’s got rap and hip-hop but it’s also got some culture to it and doesn’t forget that Miles is half Black and half Hispanic. He’s a new version of Spidey and all things that surround him should showcase that. Which this soundtrack does really well. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Marvel is planning to give more movies soundtracks because they absolutely nailed it with Black Panther and now with Into The Spiderverse.



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