I’ll get back to you….maybe…

Good morning! Or afternoon, or whenever I decide to schedule this posting. Welcome back to the zone. During my writer’s block hiatus, I decided to catch up on some anime series/simulcasts I may have missed. As I started to catch up on Boruto and One Piece while throwing in a little re-watching of the Dark Tournament from Yu Yu Hakasho, I realized my backlog was long.


Have you ever just looked at what shows you have in your viewlist on Crunchyroll or Funimation? Like REALLY look at it? If yours is anything like mine, then you have simulcasts in the front (for the most part) and series you’ve watched before but randomly found while searching through what’s available. I currently have 31 anime series on my list with only 5 of them being updated weekly (it was 6 but you know….Dragonball Super ended). I try my best to stay on top of watching my simulcasts like One Piece, Boruto, and Detective Conan but I found myself watching G Gundam and Code Geass for the 3rd time in between waiting on simulcasts. While this is going on, I’m also getting recommendations for anime series I heard of or have missed because I was just unaware.


So while I will continue to watch my weekly anime simulcasts but what to watch in between? Should I focus on ones suggested by friends? Or continue to rehash old memories by watching older series that I most likely have the downloads for? I haven’t figured this part out yet but I’m working on it. An idea I have is to start one new anime series at a time while still staying up to date with my weekly anime. I may even do reviews about the anime I will be watching for the first time.

I know this was a short post but it’s been bothering me for quite a bit and wanted to get it off my chest. What do you do when your backlog has gotten large? Any suggestions as to how dwindle my backlog? What’s on your backlog? Tell me about it in the comments! Until next time…Nerd Out!

Try and stop me!


4 thoughts on “I’ll get back to you….maybe…”

  1. I’ve given up on making the list any shorter at this point. I priorities my seasonal stuff and then when I have a spare afternoon over the weekend I just pick a series I’m currently interested in (from my list or from something someone has mentioned to me) and go. I try to get through most 12 episode series in 2 – 3 sittings and then the next bit of free time I get I choose something else. It isn’t exactly cutting the list down given how many new titles I add to it every week, but I keep having something to watch and I’m entertained and that’s probably all that matters.

    1. I’ve been doing that lately but when I look at my list, it just looks like a lot. I probably will never have a short list but I do need to prioritize and organize a little bit lol. I can tackle this better than my gaming backlog haha

      1. I used to try prioritising my watch list but then I’d have time to watch but wouldn’t be interested in what was at the top of the list so would find something else to do, or end up skipping it anyway. Now I just take titles as they catch my interest.

        1. That’s part of the reason why my list is so long. I may not watch my simulcast right then so I’ll would scroll through and look for something that I feel like watching again or trying something new because I got tired of scrolling through Crunchyroll lol

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