Gundam Versus

Gundam Versus coming to U.S. in September!

If you don’t know me (I’m going to assume that you don’t), I am a HUGE fan of the Gundam series. Seriously. I have almost every series ever created spread between two external hard drives and I watch few of the series every year. I will always advocate for a Gundam show and/or game when it comes out.

Gundam Versus is a series that is big in Japanese arcades and consoles. Gundam Extreme VS was the last version of this game that came out in America on the PS3. The game itself supports a large cast of mobile suits spread across as many Gundam series as they can fit. The game format is usually 1v1 or 2v2 and it supports online play. I’ve been waiting for a legit  Gundam game to come out since Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. Originally this game was supposed to come out at the end of December in the U.S but now that it is coming sooner, I have to save even more money (I can give you guys my cash app # lol). Enjoy the screenshots and Nerd Out!

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