Gundam Versus Beta: A way too early Review

Gundam Versus Beta: A way too early Review

“I’m going to teach you that a mobile suit has its limits my friend, when it goes up against the Red Comet.-Char Aznable”

Let me start by saying this, I’m going to be bias with this review. I want to put that out there before someone starts saying “Well it wasn’t that good”, I thought it was and that’s all that matters. But in all seriousness, this will be a serious review. So lets get started.

If you haven’t heard of Gundam Versus coming to the PS4, know now, its coming September 29th so Bandai decided to give us a Beta to play for a weekend. You have access to all of the modes that will be included in the full game except the tutorial (which, I don’t know smh), and 3 v 3 battles with your friends.


If your not familiar with this series, let me attempt to simply it a bit for you. Gundam Versus is basically a team-based arena fighter. The Beta only allows four but it will be up to six mobile suits in the main game. But these 6 mobile suits are put in an somewhat open map (more of a large stage), split into teams that go up against each other.

Now me and the Squad Next Door put some substantial hours into this Beta this past holiday weekend. From our time spent with this beta, we found that this game is smooth and enjoyable. The controls are somewhat hard to learn at first because well there was no tutorial so players essentially had to learn on the fly. Which was fine for us since we just wanted to try it. Two of the Squad were not initially into this Beta because they don’t really follow or watch Gundam series but they downloaded (we didn’t pressure them at all) and they enjoyed the gameplay.

The beta featured the entire list of mobile suits (minus the DLC and preorder suits), which varied on type (various, shooting, fighting). This kind of allowed us to play around with the different types and find what type suits their playing style. Visually, the game is stunning and brings a sense of nostalgia (from watching the series of course). I would of had a video but the Beta blocked me from recording so I was unable to make a clip but I will be streaming it if I get the full game. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this Beta a 8.5/10. Take a look at the gameplay via YouTube and as always, Nerd out!


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