Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta

For those of you who enjoy open world video games, you will love this game. Now the Beta is closed but the game comes out on March 7th so its not a long wait. I had the pleasure and privilege of playing the Beta the full three days it was available. Personally, I loved it and I’m not being biased about it. Here is what I gathered from the Beta:

  1. Setting: It’s set in an area of Bolivia that is run by drug cartels. The landscapes vary in population and terrain. One province is closer to the snow capped mountains which is little more difficult while other provinces are lush and filled with populated areas. The day and night cycle has become a regular thing in some open world games but in this instance, it makes you think about missions before taking them on.
  2. Customization: Like most recent Tom Clancy games, you can customize your character to your liking. Only difference is you can make appearances in game as well. I’m sure if this will be a feature in the full game but I found it fun to play with mid mission. I changed my outfit to a gillie suit so I could lay down in the grass and snipe my target.
  3. Missions:  We didn’t have a lot of missions to choose from since this was only a Beta but they were story missions that could of been done with the AI or a group of friends. The side missions included vary in type and scale; some being a quick tagging of resources or traveling across different outposts to shut off satellites.
  4. Multiplayer: I wouldn’t really call it a multiplayer but lets do so for now. When you start the game by yourself, you have 3 computer generated squad mates so you can do missions with them if you don’t feel like playing with anyone. The fun thing though? You can join ANY of your friends at any time you want (or vice versa). Another thing is that you are not forced to play the same missions your friends are playing. This provides you with a freedom of being in a game with friends and only calling them when you need them. I joined my friends a few times for missions I already completed but was available if they had trouble.
  5. Final Thoughts: This is a very FUN and engaging game. Think of it as GTA meets The Division but you can’t kill innocents (results in a game over). It’s a great squad based game to play with your friends or new people. But personally, I am not going to buy it for a while simply because I don’t want to fall into trap I fell for in The Division. While it looks great and the open world is one of the largest I’ve seen since Far Cry 4, take your time and wait to see if this is fully worth the $60. Happy Gaming!

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