Games on the Tube (and Twitch)

We all the way LIVE baby! Okay, not exactly live yet but you did read that in the voice of the black guy from the Dan the videos haha. Do you watch game videos on YouTube or Twitch? I’m pretty sure some of you have little siblings that watch gaming videos or random unboxing videos on the Tube daily. So myself, and a few of my friends from PSN and real life decided to start making some game videos for YouTube and Twitch. We are new and just getting the hang of posting videos but we take suggestions seriously. A few of us already have some decent compilation videos on their particular YouTube channels. We are currently putting together videos to add to the group YouTube channel so work with us. So be sure to check us out and let us know what you think. We shall be doing some lists of the games we will be playing week to week and also listing inter squad tournaments that you guys can watch from our channels or get in on and get your feelings hurt. We are working on content weekly and checking our work before uploading. So check out the Squad Next Door and as always, Nerd Out!



Zacc Branigan:

BlackThunder X:





Lunar Skies:


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