Flashback Friday: The Blue Bomber in 3D


This one is a classic. Straight up. There’s no way around it. Don’t argue with me about this…I mean you can but it won’t end well. Megaman Legends was a complete departure from the usual Megaman formula. Like total departure. If you are familiar with the series, then you know that Megaman and Megaman X series were side-scrolling 2D shooters. It still had the basic elements of a Megaman game but in a 3D RPG style and it was glorious.

A short synopsis for those who have not played or heard of the game:

“According to the sourcebook, Rockman Perfect Memories, the Legends series takes place thousands of years after the ZX series. By this time, the planet Earth is mostly ocean, leaving some islands left for civilization to prosper on. Based on in-game dialogue, the series takes place at least in the year 80XX. By this time frame, the original humans have been replaced by artificial robotic lifeforms almost identical to them which can produce offspring with almost no effort.

The player controls MegaMan Volnutt, a teenage digger and archaeologist of sorts who searches underground ruins mainly for Quantum Refractors, which are the civilization’s primary source of energy. He was found as a baby on Nino Island at the bottom of the closed-off Nino Ruins and was raised by Professor Barrel Caskett along with his granddaughter Roll Caskett.

Giving them trouble are the Bonnes, a group of pirates consisting of leader Teisel Bonne, his sister (though the booklet says daughter) Tron Bonne (who is also allegedly infatuated with Mega Man), their baby brother Bon Bonne who somehow can drive a large mecha suit (known primarily for his repeated line, “Babu!”, which has become a catch phrase among the series’ fans), and the 41 Servbots (one of which is only in The Misadventures of Tron Bonne). More trouble is given to Mega Man by the Reaverbots, the techno-organic semi-intelligent residents of the underground ruins who serve to protect its contents.” (Source here


Just like other Megaman games, this one had a very well developed story-line and lore. This game was so well received that it brought along a MegaMan Legends 2 which is even better than the first! The perfect mixture of RPG style story-telling along with classic MegaMan shooting and power-ups made this game stand out among the many straight forward RPGs.

I recently started replaying MegaMan Legends and realized that Capcom needs to come up off another one or at least remaster the series. While they are at it, release another Megaman X game….we deserve a few.Screen shot 2015-05-10 at 3.58.18 PM

What did you think about MegaMan Legends (if you played it)? If I did a giveaway for this game, would you participate? (just asking…*whistles*). Let me know what you think in the comments! Until next time, Nerd out!


P.S: Data the Monkey is one of the funniest/shadiest/coolest little creatures included in a RPG-style game. Don’t debate me bro.


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