Finished your first anime series? Now what do you watch…

Imagine finishing your binge of “One Punch Man” and BOOM! You don’t know what to watch next. That is why I’m here. Me and The Squad Next Door compiled a short list of anime series that we have watched and enjoyed ourselves. We collectively decided on classic anime series for the fact that they have stood the test of time.

Cowboy bebop


This is a certified classic. You know it, I know it. But is it an anime to watch after watching your first full series? We believe so. Often praised for it’s art style and action, Cowboy Bebop isn’t a super complex anime that one would not have to do hours of re-watching to follow. Almost every episode is it’s own episode while supporting a series long story-line. And it is a one season anime so you can get through the whole series in a day or two. Whole series is currently on Hulu.

Yuyu hakusho


This is a 4 season classic anime series so it will take a little time to finish. Even so, this anime contains some of the best characters and character development I’ve seen in an anime. You have supernatural powers, fights, multiple story-lines, love interest and even more fights. It’s beautifully drawn and has one of the best anime intro songs known to anime. You will get through this anime pretty quickly. And I also recommend watching the English dub instead of the Japanese sub because Kuwabara’s voice is SO annoying in Japanese haha. Currently on Hulu and Crunchyroll but only the Japanese versions. VRV has both.

Gundam wing


Now this anime is a little bit more sophisticated than other anime series. Gundam Wing consists of 51 episodes. This anime is a little more involved than some of the anime you may be looking at. There is a lot of detail and story in this anime than you may want to start out with but I still say it’s worth it. It has giant robot battles all the while a geopolitical war is being waged. I mean what more can you ask for? And you have to admit, the mobile suits look pretty dope lol. You should be able to find this anime on Hulu and Crunchyroll (since your just starting out in anime, go to Hulu)

Code Geass


Code Geass is similar to Gundam Wing in the aspect of it being involving politics, teenagers with a side of racism. Though it does have hints of childish tomfoolery, this anime is serious. The plot is confusing at times but easy (imo) to pick back up. The characters develop alongside the over-arching story. Code Geass has two seasons with 25 episodes in each but you can get through them pretty quickly. This might be one of my favorite anime to recommend. This anime is on Crunchyroll. Not sure if this is on Hulu just yet.

Death Note


No, not that “movie” on Netflix. This is the original anime. The anime that the movie and the better Japanese live action movies are based on. Death Note is basically a fantasy, psychological thriller. It’s the most serious anime on this list. There aren’t many comedic parts in this anime. Seriously, you will most likely laugh at the responses the characters have for each other rather than them intentionally being funny. This anime has 37 episodes and each one is packed with information often critical to the story so there are no wasted episode. Netflix had this for a while but unsure if they still do. I believe Hulu has it in their library.

That’s all I came up with for now. I think I will be making this a weekly (or biweekly) post where I highlight some anime series that new anime (adult) watchers should watch. I know I missed some more recent anime and I will try to get to those later. But please, feel free to add to this list in the comments! Post pics and why a new anime viewer should watch said anime! Share Share and Share! What did you think of my list? Think I should of included more recent anime series? Tell me in the comments below. Until next time, Nerd Out!


3 thoughts on “Finished your first anime series? Now what do you watch…”

    1. I agree. I have it on BluRay and I recently purchased and built Sandrock, Heavyarms and Deathsyche from the movie. I’m a huge Gundam fan with that being one of my favorite series

      1. Awesome! That movie must look amazing on Blu-Ray. Interestingly enough, I saw a harpist in concert years ago. Her name is Timbre and she had a song called Endless Waltz. Yes, it’s named after that movie.

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