Dragonball Super Ep. 122 review

Okay, is it safe to talk about this episode now? If you haven’t seen it yet, oh well. I usually don’t do episode reviews but this one was pretty lit. This is what we were waiting for…a showdown between Universe 7 and Universe 11. Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo against Goku, Vegeta, 17, Gohan and Frieza. Everyone knew it would eventually get down to this…it was basically expected. There are 8 minutes left in the Tournament so we have about 24 more episodes left to see some great fights (I’m exaggerating of course, this isn’t DBZ).

Let’s start off by noticing how Goku walked/pulled up on Jiren. Like he just knew he was going to give Jiren some work. We all know that wasn’t going to be true. But look at this man staring Jiren down like “Boi, I’m bout beat you like a worn out rug. You gon’ catch this fade and we gonna be done wit this.” And all Jiren would say is “……….” received_1529019697216929.jpeg

So they get to scrapping, and the other members of Universe 7 divide up to fight Toppo and Dyspo. Gohan and 17 go up against Toppo and you would think that they would have an advantage since its 2 against 1. Toppo basically gave Goku work once so he isn’t scared of Gohan or 17. Gohan tried to hit Toppo with a charged up Kamehameha wave and Toppo shrugged that shit off like he was singing “Dirt of my Shoulder”. Had Gohan and 17 stuck.


One of the funniest moments in this episode was Dyspo fighting Frieza. Dyspo has saved up a lot of his strength so he was back to full speed (see what I did there?). Frieza, with his cocky self was not impressed with Dyspo’s speed AT ALL. He was smug and confident until Dyspo grabbed homie’s tail and dragged him across the staged. He straight disrespected this man LMAO. Dug his face into a wall and just ran him along it. Frieza is going to be PISSED when he gets the rocks out of his teeth. And he hasn’t powered up yet so who knows how this fight will eventually go. I for one, think Frieza is about to murk the super Easter bunny.


Then came the big fight. Vegeta went for Jiren’s head and Jiren treated Vegeta like a rag doll. Vegeta tried to come through when Goku got hit back and Jiren backhanded this man like he was his child. Then Vegeta watched Jiren give Goku the “Hands of 1000 Hands” and learned to bypass it.


Vegeta caught Jiren by surprise. Let’s be honest, he caught us all by surprise by hitting Jiren. And then he started getting some quality hits on him! Goku over there laying on ground like “What the hell man!?”. Jiren decides to insult Vegeta’s pride which is ALWAYS a bad thing to do. Vegeta gets charged up, hits Jiren with a huge Final Flash (or was it Big Bang?), Jiren basically shrugs it off and gets Vegeta back for the earlier gut punch.


I felt bad for the Prince of Saiyans(sp). Like legit sad. This man surprised everyone and was taking it to Jiren only to get smacked around like Batman smacks the Joker. They have to start putting some respeck on Vegeta’s name. This man put his heart into his last attack while Goku just laid there looking not even trying to help. Vegeta got trashed but looks like he will be bouncing back in the next episode. What did you think of this episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments! As always, Nerd Out!

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